TI2 completely mute at first startup

  • My Virus TI2 doesn't output any signal after initial startup. If I restart using transport buttons it works normally. At first I thought this to be a random bug, but it's now happening daily.

    For example if I shut it down for the day and the next day I start it up and start playing, nothing comes through. The display and all leds seem to function normally, but the output signal is silent both in headphones and master outputs. Messing with the knobs doesn't fix anything. So if I have a simple init wave loaded, shut down, let it sit over a night or so and start it up the next day, it's silent. Shut it down and start up again it works as expected. I don't know how long it needs to be powered off n order for this issue to arise, but so far it seems like a couple of hours is not enough.

    I bought my TI2 second-hand this summer (2020).

    Anyone experiencing similar issues? I'm a newbie at hardware synths. During startup the display says "".

  • Do you know how old the unit is? Is the internal battery still good?

    Did you contact Access suport?

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