Backup Battery glitch?

  • Hello,

    I bought my TI used a couple of years ago and have been really digging it.

    I tend to setup MULTIs and assign the outputs so I can use different effect sends of my mixer for some sounds.
    I started to find that a couple of months ago it was not really correctly memorizing my output assignments.
    I would call up the output assignment page and there is was set to 3LR but it was coming out of 1LR until I turned the
    adjustment knob to the assigned output and then it was working correctly.
    This was a pretty consistent ongoing glitch.
    Then today I fired it up and it was hung on the WELCOME screen.
    I unplugged and re-plugged the power cord and it booted up, but... all my MULTIs are gone and the RAM banks are all empty.

    I'm going to replace the battery tomorrow and then find out when I did the last backup in MIDIQuest.
    But I am wondering if the output assignment issue was a warning that the battery was getting low?
    I didn't really find any other problems, at least I did not notice anything in particular, but the output issue was getting quite annoying.

    Thanks for your time.
    Be Well.