Logic doesn't record the stereo effect of Virus TI2, instead it sounds thin and lacking in stereo field.

  • When I play my Virus, standalone, there's a rich wide stereo effect, some sounds go in waves from left to right.

    When I open up an audio track in Logic, select outputs 1-2, and record the sound, the stereo effect is completely lacking, and it sounds thin.

    I've tried to replicate this by putting the 1-2 inputs in Focusrite Control on separate input fields, instead of 1-2, I put 1 and 2 separately, as shown in the attachments, and when I record that it creates the same sound that I hear on my recorded audio tracks.There's no smooth waves going from left to right, it's all compacted to one pretty monophonic sounding sound.

    Can anyone explain what the problem is here please?

    Logic inputs are on 1-2, so I assume it'll record it like that, but apparently not.

    Hope someone can help me out.

    Thank you.

    Schermafbeelding 2020-11-18 om 16.02.56.pngSchermafbeelding 2020-11-18 om 16.02.39.png