Pure tuning

  • Is there any way to implement pure tuning in Viruses prior to C? Is it physically impossible? Or is it simply a matter of coding but the machines are no longer supported? I have a Virus Rack, and would like to try pure tuning, but I am not going to pay the going rate for a C just to get it. I am looking into writing a kind of pure tuning program that can tell accommodating synthesizers what to do via MIDI, if such a thing is possible, but it will take a while. Thanks for your time.

  • Hi there, u speak German as well?

    Actually I am thinking about the same issues and already start working for some Code for it, but not so advance so far, although I know what it takes I need also first of all get back comfortable with C++ to implement these thoughts.

    There exist few plug-ins or software in general which do some work to that. But more to start understanding whats going on. These are not that good for a direct implementation inside your Production.

    It is a quite technical topic and there are limitations as you mentioned since we work with electronic devices for music and the computer need to calculate for us.

    For now first check in the VIRUS TI Config at Global Tuning you can change the Pure Tuning from Tempered - > 2 - 126 - > Pure.

    The description in the Manual is not that helpful unless you really understand the Topic.

    So I decided to ask for Support. The answer wasn't helping at all. Although it gave me some hints.

    The Support answered that it changes only in connection with the Chord function.

    I am getting more and more close to understand what he mean with that but its hard to describe now quickly in words.