Who's willing to pay for a New Mac driver inc. M1

  • Did ya know Access updated their website recently??

    This is SO frustrating.. seeing their website updated.. But they still show NOTHING about supporting modern macOS... I've loved ALL the Viri I've owned. I kept an old Mac mini running Mojave... just so I could use my TI. But now that mini died, and I have no way now to fully use the center of my sonic joy for nearly 20 years.

    I believed in Access to keep things updated. They went above and beyond expectations up until Apple killed 32 bit apps. But I gave Access the benefit of the doubt because I know that migrating things to 64 bits is no trivial task. I know because I am a macOS and iOS developer, and these libraries being used... they haven't been migrated to Swift. There is no magic migration assistant.... There is no tutorial on Ray Wenderlich or answer on StackOverflow. It's not something one can do in a weekend. What they have to do to migrate to modern macOS and Logic is HARD!

    But to see Access update the website. While saying NOTHING for anyone using a modern Mac. And to see the unmitigated gall of them continuing to sell the TI2 alongside their silly Kemper guitar crap... I'm beyond angry! They've killed any remaining patience and empathy I might have had. I will NEVER own another Access or Kemper product again. I'm selling both my rack mount C and full keyboard TI and moving on. To hell with this company. To hell with my fave synth ever made. I'm done.

  • I'll also add... I'd have gladly paid for the update necessary to make things work with modern macOS and Apple Silicon. The effort involved, as I already said isn't trivial. Software development is NOT cheap. Developers deserved to be paid. Had Access/Kemper been transparent all this time... I'd be cool. Had they updated the site AND taken the time to say they are "working on an update for their synths"... I'd be cool.

    But the neglect shown by Kemper to Virus users without any updates or any obvious mention of an pending update... while also now selling the TI2 hardware with ancient software... as if it continues to be usable to any casual user is just inexcusable! If not even criminal in some jurisdictions.

    God I am so mad at y'all. This hurts so much. I stayed quiet for a few years now. But damn ya'll broke my heart. Shame on you Kemper!

  • Seriously. It makes me so mad! And I have one last thing to say. I’d have gladly supported a gofundme. Or whatever. Virus was a legend of music production. A brand worth preserving. Jesus, the legends who’ve used a Virus!! And y’all squandered it!

    I don’t know what happened to Marc and those who had integrity and actually cared about their product. But this lesser shell of a company that is left…. Kemper…. The one that shifted to a completely different product while leaving us Virus users in the dark…. Their new potential customers need to know that they are not dependable. That their new products could at any time be rendered obsolete. That kemper can not be trusted to support their products.

    The sudden and marked silence (for YEARS NOW) from Kemper/Access can not go unpunished! Spread the word. We shouldn’t be left to plead with folks to write some replacement software. Clearly this plea isn’t expecting something free. It seems an extremely foolish business decision by Kemper to not outsource someone to create a paid virus TI/2 update. It shows they do not care about their brand and history…. Much less their loyal users.

    Y’all made me an enemy of your future success. Which sucks because I previously wanted nothing more than your continued success. And I’m confident I am not the only one.

  • I’d gladly say all this is me being a drama queen. I’ll happily delete posts and change my tune. I’d love nothing more than a “sorry we ignored you for years, but please forgive us! We are working hard on an update.” Hell, I’d even explore my desire to take up guitar and buy a new Kemper product.. if you’d just throw us loyal 20+ years virus users a bone.

    Don’t believe the 20 year thing? How about this amusing memory! Yes. I saved this hysterical

    email from a yahoo virus group almost 20 years ago.90A2C676-79BF-402A-9BB7-1649D063CE3D.jpeg603A2E19-DBF3-4B19-8A81-E2587F0940B7.jpeg