• Hey there,

    I want to use in Ableton the MIDI control controllers i have a List where its written which controller (number) controls which parameter. But if I draw something it doesn't work as expected.

    I've read something about MIDI LEARN. Maybe I don't know what that is? Or where could be the Problem?

    I need a quick overview Help please

    Greetz from snowing Switzerland:*

  • So I believe you want to midi control the parameters inside the Virus Ti from Ableton?

    1. Add Virus Ti

    2. Click the configure button in the wrapper

    3. Select in the native virus ti which parameters you want to control

    4. Click configure again to close the parameter learning.

    5. Click Midi in the top right.

    6. Select the parameter in the wrapper you want to control with a controller.

    7. turn the physical controller knob. A relationship has been formed between the 2.

    8. Add more relationships.

    9. Click midi again to disable the config environment.

    10. Play around.

    If you are talking about the generic controller 3, 9, etc,... inside of the VirusTi (like the physical macro buttons) don't forget to define them in the mod matrix to their wanted actions.

    Also in arrangement view, you can just automate them on the timeline or you can control it inside the midi clip: