Virus snow on high Sierra, no sound from usb2 and usb3

  • Hi guys,

    just got my second hand snow in, and running Mac OS X high Sierra and Logic Pro x 10.4.x.

    the Ti software runs, the Karstens firm ware is installed, and I can manage to use al four timbres over midi and through the daw.

    the only thing is, that there is no sound coming from usb2 and usb3 at all. Usb 1 no issue. can even split it in two mono, no issue. Analogue out same, no issues.

    I can see there is midi received on the parts that should output the sound to usb2 or usb3, just no sound.

    In the midi utilities audio studio, there are also only 2 inputs given (which basically are usb1 l/r).

    how do I resolve this to use all three usb channels? Any idea?