Ascension Trance Soundset for Virus TI

  • 87 epic Trance sounds, compatible with the Access Virus TI series of hardware synths. This bank is 100% Trance-oriented, which means no weird brass, pianos, or FX. The patches in Ascension come straight out of songs written using the TI2. So this soundset is designed to fully exploit the TI to its fullest potential!

    Patches in Ascension are based on sounds from songs by the likes of ATB, Phalanx, Alphazone, Armin van Buuren, Vengeance, BT, Rank 1, Cosmic Culture, Denga & Manus, and many many more!

    And to cap off the bank some patches were set to INIT, so you have room to write and store your own patches without overwriting any existing sounds!

    No additional FX were applied to these sounds post-recording


    Access Virus TI/ TI2 (or comparable generation) synthesizer

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