Power on issue - work around....

  • I've had a power issue for a while with my virus, basically some mornings it doesn't turn on when I pree the transpose buttons down, the led just goes dead and I have to flick it on and off at the wall to get it on.

    Ive tried two different power packs in it, same thing. Access said it could be a motherboard issue and to send it to their service centre - but I just don't see the point in getting it fixed because there is no support for OSX Catalina or big sur - so why get it fixed to turn on ok when I can't use it properly.

    But what I have noticed is when those transpose buttons are blinking when its in standby mode - if you wait till it blinks brightly and press them both down just at that moment, it comes on nearly every time.

    No idea why but it seems to work for me.

    This of course doesn't fix the problem with access not supporting the virus for Catalina or big sur, but at least its a work around for the power issue.

    just thought id share incase it helped anyone else.