Downgrading TI to OS 3.3.4 fixes MIDI timing!

  • So ever since I've switched to using the Virus TI as a MIDI synth, I've been running into midi timing problems when I add more then 3 voices in unison, and my chords consist of more then 3 notes. This is especially the case when using hypersaws. This behavior is NOT present when using the synth in TI mode on TI-OS 5.1.7.

    So what I've just discovered is that if you downgrade your Virus TI-OS to 3.3.4, the crappy midi problem is gone!

    I can now play huge chords again with 2 hypersaws set to full density and the unison set to 7!!

    Yes, at some point you will encounter voice stealing, but the actual timing of the notes will remain consistent! Now my Virus TI is finally usable again! (for big phat trance and hardstyle leads^^)

    Just one minor problem: If you're using the VirusHC plugin, adjusting the unison on screen won't do anything. You will have to do it manually on your Virus. (EDIT --> Unison voices)

  • skittb123

    Changed the title of the thread from “Downgrading to Virus TI OS to 3.3.4 solves MIDI timing problem!!” to “Downgrading TI to OS 3.3.4 fixes MIDI timing!”.