Will there be a big sur update for virus ti snow?

  • Hope is cruelty.

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  • Listen, I've got the solution if anyone is still in a struggle with his or her Virus TI.

    You might not get a sound from the plug-in when you only connect it with the USB cable. Than this will help your problem.

    When you have two audio cables running out of your virus into your audio-interface.

    Select in the plug-in van Access the Line output instead of the USB output.

    (in my case) put in on live mode.

    Set in your DAW an audio track with input 1-2 (or 3 and 4 or whatever, it depends on which inputs you have used to put in the audio cables from the Virus into your interface)

    Now you can use your Virus Plug-In like you used to use it. And you can record it easily on the audio channel you made.

    You're just getting the sound directly analoge out of your Virus.

    I'm sorry for my bad English, but I hope this will help someone