MAC M1 driver support please! Paid 2300€ for a new synth in nov'2020 and i can't use it with new mac M1! RENEW DRIVER AND SUPPORT YOUR OLDSCHOOL!

  • Where are the devs for VIRUS TI ????

    M1 APPLE support please !!!

    Paid €2300 in Nov'2020 for new virus ti2 and you guys don't support your oldschool synth, anymore?

    Keep the "audio over usb alive" _->>> "Elektron does it very well with it's overbridge".

    Stop waste your time on kemper pedals!

    Get your Virus TI drivers support, uptodate for (MAC & Windows)!


  • Is it normal, that you can buy today a virus Ti2 for a lot of money, which is not compatible with current version of MacOs ? It is ridiculous for me...

    It's ridiculously normal...

    Contact the Access sales department.

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  • Have you considered taking legal action against Access Music? Their guise of “Total Integration” is nothing short of false advertising. Their support team have refused to comment on any intentions to resolve this in the future despite still producing the synth and selling it at a premium price.