MAC M1 driver support please! Paid 2300€ for a new synth in nov'2020 and i can't use it with new mac M1! RENEW DRIVER AND SUPPORT YOUR OLDSCHOOL!

  • Where are the devs for VIRUS TI ????

    M1 APPLE support please !!!

    Paid €2300 in Nov'2020 for new virus ti2 and you guys don't support your oldschool synth, anymore?

    Keep the "audio over usb alive" _->>> "Elektron does it very well with it's overbridge".

    Stop waste your time on kemper pedals!

    Get your Virus TI drivers support, uptodate for (MAC & Windows)!


  • Is it normal, that you can buy today a virus Ti2 for a lot of money, which is not compatible with current version of MacOs ? It is ridiculous for me...

    It's ridiculously normal...

    Contact the Access sales department.

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