Standalone-sound vanishes after Mac (Mojave) is booted

  • >> The Issue is standalone-mode<<


    to make it short:

    my Virus works fine in standalone-mode, EXCEPT my Mac boots and connects to the Virus-USB: then I loose my sound.

    (I don't have any issues inside Cubase. Inside the Daw tone is back).

    It looks like MacOS-USB and Virus-USB have a conflict!? (I went through the Mac Audio-Midi-setup...)


    following more detailed description/scenarios after upgrade to Mojave:

    1. Inside my DAW (Cubase) Virus (Total Integration) is running fine - so far so good.:thumbup:

    2. When my Mac is NOT switched on I can play Virus (TI keyboard) in standalone mode (correct wording?) - also fine.:thumbup:

    ==> 3. As soon as my Mac is booted in parallel I can play just ONE tone or chord on the virus (audible) - then the tone is gone, vanished!!?? :(:thumbdown: (I use USB-connection from Virus to Mac)

    No cables have been changed: The outputs of the virus go into my MACKIE 802, and from there to audio-interface MOTU M2.

    Note: on another synth, which is midi-triggered by 5-pole connection (not USB-midi), MOTU output sound works perfectly fine as usual!

    (while writing this for a 2nd time, I had a sudden system crash in between :rolleyes: and had to reboot)

    So what I want to get back: I want to play my Virus outside a DAW like before while Mac is running in parallel , of course .

    I have no clue what the issue could be.

    Virus firmware is on

    The Virus Control Center doesn't offer me a newer version.

    I looked at MOTU drivers for Mojave : "appears to be compatible" (although it is also said that MOTU M2 does not need any drivers on a Mac)

    My Mac: Mac Mini end 2012

    Looking forward to any suggestions from you.

    Thank you very much!!

    ? No answers? Legacy Issue? It doesn't seem to be a real Virus issue? Is it more a general USB-handling problem? Mac Mini too old? But I love my AV :-)

    Schreiben hier eigentlich alle auf englisch?

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  • How are you playing the Virus in „standalone“ mode?

    If the Virus detects an active USB connection, it switches the keyboard to Local Off. Therefore, the audio is probably still working but the keyboard does not trigger any notes anymore.

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