Noise problem in the high frequencies

  • Hello .

    I have a problem with my Ti2 . Actualy speaking with virus support but no answer at the moment , first they answered me fast and now i am waiting answer for abotu a week .

    My problem is extremly easy to explain , no need to import an audio file here , but if needed i can do it . I really need someone to try it and tell me if the same noises occurs .

    I use the most basic preset , a simple sound init , only osc1 with a sine wave , no effects , no lfo , no filter enveloppe . High pass filter .

    Then , while playing a long note , when i start to use the semitone knob , i have a very anoying noise on the high frequencies , you can not hear it when you pitch down ( of course , because of the high pass filter ) , but anytime you pitch up , the noises appear . Then , if i put a single lfo on the osc 1 , same problem , the noise appear when the wave go up , making the sound very dirty .

    Its not only happening with sine wave , with other waves form as well , but its easier to listen with a single sine wave .

    As well , when i turn the knob of the high pass filter cutoff , same problem but lighter .

    Seems , any change on a long note applied on the high frequencies produce this note .

    And im truly asking myself if its my virus ti2 having an issue , or if this problem is a factory problem and everybody have the same noise when doing this .

    Its actualy a big problem for me , cause i want to make a very long high frequencies note on my track , and i cant have it clean .

    I tried everything . Smooth on is not the problem . Factory reset is not the problem . I tried by usb , analog , virus control , same problem . My system is totaly clean , my nord lead with same config make me zero noise . I tried with midi usb , or direct midi cable , same result . I tried factory bank reset , no result . Punch dont do nothing . 44000hz or 48000 hz same issue .

    My knobs are not the problem , they work perfectly fine and dont produce noise , im sure of this because the noise appear the same way when i use only virus control VST .

    It mean , i can apply any lfo on a single sine wave , or use semitone transpose , or move filter cutoff , withotu producing noises . Thats totaly weird .

    Same issue with all oscillators 1 , 2 or 3 . Same issue producing the long note with a long decay and release , or writiing a long note in the sequencer .

    I tried with ableton 6 , 9 and 10 , same issue . I tried with emu soundcard , rme babyface soundcard , virus soundcard , or computer soundcard , same problem .

    Even if i play the note , and then totaly disconnect the virus from all his cables , then the note keep playing inside the virus , i move the knobs and same problem .

    Same problem with headphones output on the virus , analog outputs , or midi audio .


    a 1800 eur synth where i cant use a single lfo on a sine wave ? or transpose a note in real time , with no crack noise ????? thats weird , and not normal .

    Sound init with 0 modulations or effects is the most simple patch ever , how is that possible ?

    If you do the same config on operator synth on ableton , just put a sinewave , and move the transpose , you will listen the same kind of cracks and noise , i tried it on my system , and the syustem of a friend , looks like normal , but then , when you put an lfo on that same sinewave with operator , the wave go up and down smoothly with zero noise , its only the transpose making that noise .

    I use a lot the semitone modulations , and now , i cant work . Not sure if that was happening before , i guess yes , but as i was using more complex patchs , i never listen to this noises . And now i just want a single sine wave pitched up , i cant do it ..........

    Anyone can try it please ?

    Thanks for your help guys .:love:

  • Are you sure of that please ? because Access answered me they can reproduce the problem with their ti2 , tried it on various device , and same problem for them . So , are you realy sure , you have zero artifact and crack noises in sound when you use the semitone knob to transpose a single wave , or saw , any kind of wave ? and same problem of course with the lfo changing the pitch of the wave . This happen only on the high frequencies , not on the low frequencies , and even when i move my filter knob it make soem strange sounds . Same problem with usb audio , analog , headphones . I tried any setup in 6 months with many soundcards or sequencers , even different OS for my laptop , in different places in houses of my friends with their computer , and same problem everytime . Look like my virus have a problem , i cant imagine what answered me access is true , look the answer :

    Dear Ben,

    We can exclude a hardware problem on your unit here. The same happens here also on the TI2 devices we tested this with completely stand-alone with headphones. This is not something unique to your unit. This is the way the Virus' sound engine acts in this case.

    With best regards,

    Access Music Support

    For a 1800 euros synth ?? it a total joke ............... IM A SO SO DISAPOINTED !