NOISEand CRACKS and ARTIFACTS in sound when transposing a single WAVEFORM !!!

  • hey !

    I have a problem with my Ti2 . Actualy speaking with virus support but no answer at the moment , first they answered me fast and now i am waiting answer for about 6 months

    My problem is extremly easy to explain , no need to import an audio file here , but if needed i can do it . I really need someone to try it and tell me if the same noises occurs .

    I use the most basic preset , a simple sound init , only osc1 with a sine wave , no effects , no lfo , no filter enveloppe . High pass filter . no amp , no enveloppe , just do nothing and use the most simple waveform .

    Then , while playing a long note , when i start to use the semitone knob , i have a very anoying noise on the high frequencies , you can not hear it when you pitch down ( of course , because of the high pass filter ) , but anytime you pitch up , the noises appear . Then , if i put a single lfo on the osc 1 , same problem , the noise appear when the wave go up , making the sound very dirty .

    Its not only happening with sine wave , with other waves form as well , but its easier to listen with a single sine wave . It happen with other kind of filters too .

    As well , when i turn the knob of the high pass filter cutoff , same problem but lighter .

    Seems , any change on a long note applied on the high frequencies produce this note .

    And im truly asking myself if its my virus ti2 having an issue , or if this problem is a factory problem and everybody have the same noise when doing this .

    Its actualy a big problem for me , cause i want to make a very long high frequencies pitched note on my track , and i cant have it clean .

    I tried everything . Smooth on is not the problem . Factory reset is not the problem . I tried by usb , analog , virus control , same problem . My system is totaly clean , my nord lead with same config make me zero noise . I tried with midi usb , or direct midi cable , same result . I tried factory bank reset , no result . Punch dont do nothing . 44000hz or 48000 hz same issue .

    My knobs are not the problem , they work perfectly fine and dont produce noise , im sure of this because the noise appear the same way when i use only virus control VST .

    It mean , i can apply any lfo on a single sine wave , or use semitone transpose , or move filter cutoff , withotu producing noises . Thats totaly weird .

    Same issue with all oscillators 1 , 2 or 3 . Same issue producing the long note with a long decay and release , or writiing a long note in the sequencer .

    I tried with ableton 6 , 9 and 10 , same issue . I tried with emu soundcard , rme babyface soundcard , virus soundcard , or computer soundcard , same problem .

    Even if i play the note , and then totaly disconnect the virus from all his cables , then the note keep playing inside the virus , i move the knobs and same problem .

    Same problem with headphones output on the virus , analog outputs , or midi audio .


    a 1800 eur synth where i cant use a single lfo on a sine wave ? or transpose a note in real time , with no crack noise ????? thats weird , and not normal .

    Sound init with 0 modulations or effects is the most simple patch ever , how is that possible ?

    I use a lot the semitone modulations , and now , i cant work . Not sure if that was happening before , i guess yes , but as i was using more complex patchs , i never listen to this noises . And now i just want a single sine wave pitched up , i cant do it .......... With more complex patches you cant listen to this easily , but its here

    Anyone can try it please ? I realy need other people to do a test because virus answered me 6 months ago it is a normal behavior from virus engine , so , i abandonned the idea to got it fixed . And i stopped to use it , because if i cant do the most simple thing ever on this synth without damaging the audio quality , i prefer not to use it .

    Thanks for your help guys !!!

    answer from Access :

    Dear Ben,

    We can exclude a hardware problem on your unit here. The same happens here also on the TI2 devices we tested this with completely stand-alone with headphones. This is not something unique to your unit. This is the way the Virus' sound engine acts in this case.

    With best regards,

    Access Music Support

    For a 1800 euros synth ?? it a total joke ............... IM A SO SO DISAPOINTED ! And i cant trust that .

    Someone already answered me he cant reproduce the same problem . I need more feedbacks please !!!!


    BEN :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

  • Why do you start a new thread with the exact same content as the last one?

    Looks like SPAM to me.

    If you want people to take you serious and try to help you:

    - post a sound example on soundcloud

    - upload a the preset you are using

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  • Alors non ce n'est pas du spam ,, si j'ai refais un post c'est parce que je n'ai recu aucune reponse depuis 6 mois .... et que je GALERE GRAVE .....

    bref : lien soundcloud :

    pour le preset rien de plus simple :

    sound init with smooth mode on

    Only Osc1 alone with sawwave .

    Transpose : 0

    only filter 1 with high pass filter , filtercutoff 65

    bend : +63

    No effect , no lfo , juste une saw toute simple joué en note C3 et ensuite modulée avec le knob semitone de l'socillateur 1 , rien d'autre . Et il se produit la meme chose si je module le pitch du osc1 avec un lfo .

    Sur l'extrait audio de soundcloud c'est super clair .....

  • sorry i foregt to answer you in english , i made an other post cause i didnt get any answer from nobody from 6 months ago and i need people to check with thier unit if they can reproduce the problem or not .

    Only one people told me he couldnt reproduce the problem .

    Access vanswered me again today after contacting them again , telling me they already answered me that they can reproduce the problem and that there is nothing else they can do . I dont trust that . I cant imagine a 1800 eur viurs ti2 not able to pitch any waveform ( cause this actualy happen with sine , saw , square and all other wavesform ) without producing heavy noises cracks pops and artefacts in the high frequencies . Thats totaly unrealistic .

    If some other people tell me they can not reproduce the problem , then it mean access dont want to move a finger to help me to repair my unit ....

  • no need to upload the preset , its the most simple patch ever , any kind of wave with zero effect , lfo , noise , sub osc ,

    just 1 oscillator with nothing else and then move the semitone knob , or use lfo to modulate the osc1 pitch , witch is the same thing .

    Virus told me they could reproduce it with 2 different unit and for them its the way the virus engine work ........

  • Todays answer from Access after contacting them 6 month later for the same problem :

    Dear Ben,

    We wrote you that we were able to recreate the issue here. There's not really anything we can add to that.

    With best regards,

    Access Music Support

    So please , i realy need people to try this and tell me if they can reproduce the problem or not .

    If people have the same behavior , i will just sell my virus and buy something else loosing 800 eur reselling it .

    Because this problem , even if you listen clearly at it when you have a very simple patch , and it become unlistenable when you have a more complex patch , its obvious its still here and the audio quality goes fucked by this cracks noises and artefacts , thats ,not acceptable for any synth .

    Doing the exact same thing with my nord lead 4 , i dont have any single pop or crack , sound stay totaly clean while using lfo or transposing the pitch with semitone knob

  • Sorry, but I don't hear any pops or cracks in your sound example.

    Maybe your hearing is hilariously great and you are referring to the aliasing noise which is an unavoidable artefact of digital sound production?

    Bass Player and Synthesist.
    Virus TI2 Darkstar | Virus TI2 Desktop | Moog Sub 37 | Blofeld | Machinedrum | Monomachine | Analog Four | Digitone | MPC Live | NI Maschine+
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