HELP! My Virus is malfunctioning...

  • The sound and almost all functionality of the synth is fine, however I am having a serious repeated issue:

    When I try to select a patch, scrolling using the 'Shift' + soft knobs, or the +/- (Increment/Decriment) buttons, I am able to begin selecting presets, then - all scrolling stalls.

    Then, a few seconds later, the scrolling that I did, 'catches up'.

    Never had anything like this happen before.

    Any ideas?


    Will Chapman


  • Hold arp edit button while powering unit on.

    Should force a factory reset on the unit (keeps all patch data if not mistaken) and when this was occurring for me a few days ago it seemed to have resolved the delay when scrolling between patches and patch banks.

    I believe this can be done without disconnecting power, just put the unit to sleep first and then hold the button and perform this.

    Technically replying to a dead thread but.. Figured I'd try.