Virus B Keyboard: OS Update Bricked Unit?

  • Hello fellow Virus owners!

    I recently acquired a Virus B keyboard on the second hand market. I was an owner of the original Virus rack, sold it in the mid-2000s and lived to regret it. ^^

    I attempted to update the operating system from 3.9 to 4.9 using SysEx Librarian on macOS 11.6.1. The Virus received the .mid file (S option) successfully and I proceeded to hit "Store" on the Virus. The machine then wrote the OS update to the internal ROM, and upon completion it displayed the message "Programming OK!" It did not respond to any keys or buttons at this point, so I powered down the unit. When I power on the unit now, the display is completely blank.

    I'm more than a little confused as to how I bricked my unit when I followed the instructions and programming appeared to be complete! Any guidance you can offer is most appreciated.