I've got the bug!

  • Really happy to see the virus in my bedroom. Got it repaired and fixed up and ready to make my dreams come true. Usually the forum doesn't work for me, but today for some reason it did- so I thought I'd say hello and let everyone know I'm in love.

    The spotty support is sort of terrifying paired with the investment though. What is the future of the virus? Can it evolve new variants to keep up with modern soft synths?

  • Welcome to insanity! 8o:D

    Enjoy this great synth!

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  • As a somewhat new user of the TI2 Keyboard I have found support to be pretty responsive and helpful. I've never waited more than a week for an email response, but I've never had an issue that wasn't pretty easily resolved even if it didn't explain why the issue happened in the first place. For example, mid performance my sustain pedal stopped working, and my later investigation revealed that the global setting for sustain cc had changed from 64 to something else. In the days before I got a response I did some research and found that holding the arp edit button while power on would reset some system global params and, sure enough, the global sustain pedal setting was reset to cc 64 and the pedal started working again. Perhaps my sequencer sent some junk and changed the cc value for the pedal, but when I got their response they had nailed what the problem was. After the button combo startup I also noticed that the mod wheel wasn't arbitrarily changing its value anymore either, which was also very annoying. Why were these things happening? I have no idea, but support has been responsive enough for me to continue to enjoy the synth as a live instrument. I have yet to send a support request for hung notes when twisting the distortion type/mix knob while playing, but since I discovered this I just don't touch that knob mid performance. My thought is that this type of stuff will be addressed in a future firmware update, and as you know that hasn't happened in some time, but that would be my only complaint regarding this synth.

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