Bitstream 3x and Virus Ti - Parameter

  • Hi lads and ladies,

    I am pretty fresh here in this forum, still using the Ti for years.

    As I am missing a little bit of having control of what is going on inside of the Virus (filter manipulation e.g.) while doing real time music or sound design, I bought a Bitstream 3x 2nd hand.

    As the Virus template of the Bitstream is as old as it is, I started to dig through the different parameters. Quickly I found out that the Access team was very "creative" in changing CC and sysex codes

    Here my current status of my personal setup:

    - Group 0: a currently inclomplete 8 channel setup for multi mode (still working on it)

    - Group 1: a almost complete (to my taste) single voice setup - there are some duplications (like the Cutoffs) but the sliders are more "emotional" - I think anyways.

    - Group 3: is a test area - do not spend too much time with this.

    Hint: parameters A (Virus) is parameter B (Bitstream) and vice versa - don't care who is right or wrong

    parameter C is C, D is D...... the system parameters are still a riddle to me.

    Version 16: Added "Velocity -> Volume" - great for velocity manipulation of arpeggiators

    Version 17: Added Filter1+2 Keyfollow Sliders; Inverted polarity of switch "Mute/Parts" number 6; corrected PDF layout: updates are marked, version number added; description to cross fader added; corrections