Buzzing from Output 1 L+R on Virus TI2 Desktop

  • I seem to have a buzzing noise coming out of Output 1 L+R. I'm trying to figure out if there is a specific issue that can be fixed or if the unit has some sort of fault and needs to be replaced. I am running TRS cables to my mixer. I only seem to get this issue on Output 1. Outputs 2 and 3 are clean. I notice there seems to be crosstalk. When I play patches going to out 2 or 3, I will see the signal light for the to 1 channel slightly light up.

    I swapped cables around on the inputs and outputs and found the issue doesn't follow the cables. If I unplug it or put it in sleep mode, the noise goes away. The noise comes back when all of the lights fire up when starting the synth back up. Sounds kind of like a ground loop buzz of sorts. While I don't hear it at lower volumes, I don't have to bring the levels on my mixer much to notice it.

    Any ideas on what's up and if this is something that can be resolved?

  • I'm in the middle of troubleshooting the exact same issue. The problem is only on Output 1 L+R. Not on the other channels and not on the headphone channel either. A bit strange. I'm able to reproduce the problem at low volumes. In this phase my conclusion is the light crackling noise is with some patches that generate low frequencies. Why it's only on the main has me puzzled at the moment. I'll keep you posted if I know more.

  • I had emailed Access about it, and for whatever reason, my TI2 stopped doing the buzzing. No clue why or how, but I haven't had any buzzing or crosstalk in mine for a while. I am thoroughly confused, but at least I no longer have the issue.

  • My TI1's been like this since I got it (second hand)

    Outputs 2LR & 3LR are absolutely fine, Output 1LR has a crackling noise like yours Sebastian, kind of like digital clipping; and now you mention it, it does seem to be on patches with more bass going on.

    I thought at first it might be on loud patches but it still happened when I turned the patch vol way down.

    A few years ago I posted my TI to Germany to the official European service centre (it was well out of warranty period) & the dude there said he couldn't reproduce the crackling & it was working fine (I even told him which patches I know for sure crackled).

    When I got it back surprise surprise it was still doing the crackling (on Output 1LR only, just like before), although he did fix the other 3 or 4 things wrong with it.

    So I just continued to use Output 2LR all the time, which is slightly annoying when swapping between single & multi mode.

    It is weird that outputs 2 & 3 are fine though.

    I think I tried the SPDIF output which mirrors Output 1LR, and it also did the crackling thing (as far as I can was a few years ago).

    So that's probably no help but at least you're not alone...

  • What can I say about it. I'm sure my Polar II is wounded, but at least it's not dead. I was disappointed after troubleshooting it for a month or two. After that I gave it a rest. Now I'm currently building dawless rig. I will be spending some time on the issue again because as I do hope to get it fixed.

    The described problem is not present on the second and third output pair and headphone jacks. It also works fine integrated. I now wonder how it will perform only using a stand alone hardware sequencer.

  • Only now I payed attention to your last sentence regarding the cracking in the SPDIF output. That's a shame. That was one of the tests I wanted to conduct. I was hoping that it's a D/A converter issue. I'll will still give it a try on of these days. In other words, the only way to avoid it is through the usb-output, or the other Output (2+3)LR. I've found out another thing. I just bought a ModWave. I have it connected with a balanced cables on the input of the Polar. (Don't ask me, I think the Polar is so sensitive when it comes to its connections), Output 1LR runs balanced to my RME card. The crackling is still there. To me it is related to Output 1LR. How I wish it was as clean as the headphone output. Then you really hear the old Polar shining dam, impressive white box. I am going to make some more music now and see how it all evolves. . But there is some buzzing with lower frequencies. I wonder if you can route the input on the Polar to outputs Output 2+3LR.