Bella Kelly - Heartbreak Motel - Remix by OZON

  • Bella Kelly - Heartbreak Motel - Remix by OZON

    Everything in this remix is created from scratch, except for the vocals and one atmosphere sound used in the intro and the verses. I also did a video edit to match the remix:

    The nerdy stuff:

    • Main bass in the verses is a double tracked Behringer Model D.
    • Main bass in the choruses is a double or triple tracked Moog Subsequent 37, with additional distorted tracks from a Roland SE-02.
    • All other sounds are made on a Virus TI, mostly custom creations except for the music box style sound, which is from a free sound pack by The Unfinished.
    • All main percussion sounds are done with custom Maschine Drum Synth sounds, including some of the screaming impacts. Additionally, two samples from the Maschine Library and one classic drum machine sample from a free sound pack by Brad Brunazzi was used.
    • DAW: Cubase 11

    Bass Player and Synthesist.
    Virus TI2 Darkstar | Virus TI2 Desktop | Moog Sub 37 | Blofeld | Machinedrum | Monomachine | Analog Four | Digitone | MPC Live | NI Maschine+
    Mac OS X 10.14.6 (Mojave) | Cubase Pro 11.0 | Ableton Live 9.6 | Logic 10.4 | MainStage 3.4 | NI Komplete Ultimate 13 | RME Fireface UFX+