(Solved) Modwheel "randomly doing stuff" problem - duplicated on multiple units - Control Pedal Config related

  • So.. I own two Ti2 viruses.

    A darkstar 37 key and a full 61 key.

    I've read on infekted.org as well as a few posts here and elsewhere that it's a thing for the mod wheels to be faulty on these where they need to be completely replaced via warranty/out of warranty repair. Is it actually faulty or is it a software bug?

    Seems if you go to config and under keyboard 4/5 menu if you have control pedal set to mod wheel it causes the goofiness to happen randomly where you get random lfo (or whatever parameter you've configured to modwheel) to kick off at whatever the maximum it can do is. Note: default setting is for this to be set to modwheel#1. taking this setting off seems to make this stop happening.

    Duplicated on two synths. So i do wonder if this is a software bug as they are totally separate units purchased from different locations

    I'm still doing some tests here at home, but since the 61 key I own is brand new and is the one I had originally encountered this problem on, but was able to replicate it on the other.. i'm going to reverse this by turning this setting off on the 61 key and leaving it on for the other to see if the 61 suddenly doesnt do it anymore.

    Fun fact: my first Ti2 encountered this particular issue in the last 24/48 hours by putting that modwheel#1 control for the control pedal. I had it for almost a year without encountering this.

    If anyone has any insights or thoughts into this, please share.

    Edit as 6:20pm-ish US Eastern:

    • Was able to duplicate this issue NUMEROUS times on both virus Ti2 units.
    • Was able to consistently duplicate it by just goofing around with the 37 key connected via USB and tinkering around in ableton, its easier to follow when you set a loop for a pad and it suddenly wobbles sporadically

    So.. question remains, software bug, or physical issue? There's a lot of threads where folks claim they had to replace wheels under warranty and in some cases out of warranty, but did they ever really need to? If Access Music folks are reading this, assuming you have a few lying around.. Maybe test this on the keyboard units to see if it's a software bug? - Anyone not associated with access who is willing to test this idea out.. let me know if you encounter it with yours configured this way.

    Additional question for other owners: Is this pedal enabled for yours? If not, did you manually disable it?

    I'm really wondering if it's actually a modwheel issue or if its just goofiness in software.


    • Tried this setting on yet a third unit. it happened within 15-20 mins of turning that setting on. That's 3 units all manufactured years apart with the same issue. Two of which were brand new.

    Edit again for 3/8/2022:

    • I may have been unlucky on my unit based on my email exchange with virus support. - per support: CC1 should never be assigned to the control pedal - CC1 based on midi control change list is mod wheel. So for my 61-key I happen to be unlucky with having this parameter configured from the factory. Not sure why they'd ship this way though, also not sure why the manual doesn't mention this as a point to avoid if possible. It only mentioned the hold pedal from what I saw.
    • On the wheels themselves, the majority seem to be related to pitch wheel usage over time. Only experienced by KB/Polar/Darkstar units as they are the only ones that physically have hardware for this.
  • Great find! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Great find! Thanks for sharing!

    See additional notes.. I've now tested this setting on 3 units and it's been consistently replicated across all.

    I need others to check it with their units. Preferably keyboard versions but desktop versions are welcome as well.

    If this is just a bug in software the fix is quite simple, but it also causes me to feel sorry for the folks who sent their units to get repairs multiple times only for it to turn out to be some software bug. I've got 3 of these things in my office right now.

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