Virus TI on a separate old mac?

  • I have an old Mojave 2012 laptop that I could use as a host for the virus ti editor on mainstage/logic

    I also have a behringer interface w adat and midi.

    Or I could use Vienna ensemble pro, which I also have.

    so I guess until an update comes along , if any, then I could use this old mac to host virus only.

    anyone doing this?

    My main concern is midi time clock or how to go about it.
    I really don’t want to be changing the other daw tempo every time there’s a different project.

  • search for my set up, i tryed nearly all kind of … use of audiogridder would be a way or blue cat audio over network, midi was not my problem but it was unhandy…

    best imo: mystery island plugin and routing audio to analog/spdif out‘s with „not usb“ midi costs: approximately 80 Euros (plugin and roland um midi interface)

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