Virus A problem Help please?

  • I have a Virus A which on boot up shows the os version 2.08 then after this the screen stays lit green but nothing showing on it. if i flick through patches then i can see leds changing in different areas for each patch, i have another virus a and was trtying to send the data to the broken one to try and update it, This one has the latest firmware on it, I left it for a while doing its think and it actaully worked one of the many times i have tried, when i switched it off and on it was back to the same state, When i send the data from the working one via midi it has a "first" which has 1-7 sets of 127 it sends and "second" option set8 onwards, do i need to install both first and second? the time i got it working i had only send the "first" Any help would be very much appreciated

  • Managed to get the screen on somehow and sent data from working virus and at the end got the following message in the picture, just hangs at this screen saying “do not touch me -e: no bank no!” any ideas?