Virus Locking up when changing Patch

  • Hi

    Had my Virus for about 7 years and never had an issue.

    However, now, when I change patch or I change from Single to Multimode it is locking up. If I leave it, it eventually comes back but it can be anything up to 20 seconds before that happens. This renders it useless really for playing live (something I do a lot of).

    I'm almost at the point of just putting it on eBay and selling it cheap to whoever wants it.

    So this is really a last ditch attempt to salvage it. Anyone at all know what might be causing this? Had similar issues? Could any settings like input/output options cause such things or is it likely the CPU or something is on the way out. Being in the midlands in the UK there is NO ONE I can take this to to take at....which is REALLY frustrating.

    If anyone can offer some help here I'd be hugely grateful.

    Kind regards


  • So you have a Polar or Keyboard then. In that case, the 12V power supply is inside the case. Depending how much effort you're willing to put into it to verify that it's not the power supply, you could try a few things:

    1) Make a backup of your RAM banks to your computer so no presets are lost

    2) Open up the case

    3) Replace the battery and check if it works properly again

    4) If that doesn't work, unplug the internal power supply and try a different one

    5) If that still didn't work, try reloading the firmware

    If none of that helps then there's a more complex issue that would require more thorough debugging abilities. Are you located in Europe, by the way, or elsewhere?

    For #4, there's a thread here: and a video here:

  • From my experience, Access does try to help to the best of their abilities but since this is something a user can't fix without opening the case, it'll most likely be met with a "send the unit in and we'll have a look" - understandable but potentially overkill. I'm from Germany by the way, so depending on how your own attempts go, I can offer to examine the main PCB if you're willing to remove it from the synth and ship it to me. Unfortunately, I currently don't have replacement DSPs on hand but if it's a power supply issue then we'll be able to find a solution.