Stand-mounting a Virus Desktop module

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    After a lot of research and some experimentation, I’ve found a secure way to mount my Virus TI2 Desktop to my keyboard stand.

    My goal was to seat the Virus on a stand that already has 2 keyboards on it, but the HyperMount QR will also sit happily on a mic stand (it has a 5/8” stand adapter). The HyperMount is heavily constructed and very adjustable.

    The stand is a K&M Spider Pro, and the HyperMount is attached to it with a K&M 18873 Universal Holder.

    The HyperMount comes with a quick-release adapter. My intuition is that using this will make it a less secure way to hold a module heavier than a typical laptop. In my application, I could not have used it as it would have raised the Virus higher than I want it to be.