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  • Hello everyone!,

    For a change of pace from all the technical issues posts, what say we have a little fun? (Except of course, having a technical issue solved IS fun!).

    Allow me to initiate a poll of some of our favorite factory patches on our Virus TI2s. Personally, I have auditioned and notated each and every patch through ROM K including the 21 exclusive RAM patches with the rest still remaining eventual perusal. I’m sure not everyone has been as obsessively thorough about this as I have (check my posts discussing wavetables and spectral waves to see what I mean!), but it would be very interesting to learn what sort of patches appeal to the different styles of Virus users out there. We might all even discover a patch we didn’t know we love!

    My favorites then will reflect the two or three synths that have influenced me the most over the years, the PPG Wave 2 and 2.2 (yes, of course I’ve never actually played one!!), the Roland D-50, and Yamaha’s phase modulation method coming in a not too distant third, while also including the strong inherent personality of the TI2.

    So, to get us started, here are five hard-chosen ROM favorites of mine, 3 pads and 2 arps, the toppermost of the poppermost as it were, taken from my somewhat larger list of favorites:

    D31 DualiTI…..Formanty and spectral wavy, with tons of movement needing just a touch of Filter Env attenuation, this patch utilizes a favorite wavetable of mine “Overtunes 2” and a Hypersaw oscillator which I almost never use! Wonders never cease.

    D32 DustFld…..(Field? Flood?) My all-time favorite Virus patch so far! If I were an Access salesperson, this is what I would first use to show off the TI2 to a prospective customer, featuring two oscillators worth of “Bat Cave”. Holy Wavetable!

    G18 Boingy…..Yep! Sounds like a patch Froese used on the Kafka album. YouTube track #10. You’ll see.

    H30 D=CM+1…..Ok, here’s the weird one, cryptic title and all! Evocatively spooky and cinematic, the Dickens to exterminate that annoying distortion, and using a deceptively simple wavetable “Chords”. A ghost haunted by people.

    K34 Ganges…..An exotic arp of spectral waves beckoning for adventure. Reminds me of crossing a hemp rope bridge. Never done that.

    So let’s hear what your favorite patches are, two or three or so, and maybe a little bit about why you chose them!



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  • Great idea for a thread, but unfortunately I have very little to contribute because I almost never use any of the factory presets, hardly any presets at all. Naturally when I first got the Virus TI, I checked out the (insane amount) of ROM presets and startet preset collections of my favourites. Additionally, I downloaded all the free sound sets (there are a couple of real treasures out there!), and bought quite a few sound sets by Ultimate X Sounds which are a continuous source of inspiration and sometimes even are kept for the final arrangement.

    Looking through the personal preset libraries for my Cubase projects, I found a few factory presets which might have ended up in tracks:

    • TI1 ROM N004 - AirMonixM@ - A very nice music box (Spieluhr) type sound, which I like to layer with other similar sounds.
    • TI2 ROM B043 - FormerloBC - A dark distorted percussive lead
    • TI2 ROM C056 - LostLeadHS - A basic vocal/whistling lead with room
    • TI2 ROM C074 - Phloid HS - Pink Floyd "Echoes" effected piano sound which I totally love, but never used in a track
    • TI2 ROM H042 - Everest HS - An infinite rising/falling effect sound (Shepard tone)
    • TI2 ROM L002 - DarkmoonSV - A simple but effective moving pad

    There's certainly a couple of factory presets which I used as a starting point for a sound, but I don't remember which ones.

    And there are two patches from the free The Unfinished sound set, which I love and use quite often to combine with the aforementioned AirMonixM@:

    • TU101 - Secrets TU - A percussive bell
    • TU111 - TheCalmTU - A soft roomy bell

    BTW, D32 and K34 are great finds!

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  • just going through the rom banks that came with the synth, and then will go through the banks of sounds from the access website. after that I will be looking for cinematic, atmospheric, pads and the like. not any EDM, fx ,etc. type of sounds. would love a list of places that I can purchase additional libraries. thank you.