How to completely restore a Virus KB

  • Hello,

    for about 1 week I've got a used Virus KB. A wonderful synth, no doubt.

    Some days ago I've bought the "Cinematic" soundset from LFOstore that seems to be very nice.

    It's nice ... but ...

    When I've tried to install the soundset (delivered as ".mid" file) I've got the message "Sysex wrong checksum". For installation I´m using a MIDI interface and the tool "Sysex Librarian".

    But regardless to the message the soundset seems to be installed although the names of the sounds are "crippled".

    I thought I can restore the KB to the original soundset by installing the OS 4.9 again with the files "first_bs_49_050.mid" and "OS45_second1024.mid". But the "crippled" soundset in bank A is still there.

    Does anybody know how to remove the crippled soundset and to get back to the former soundset (I guess that was a factory preset)?

    Thank you in advance and kind regards,


  • Thank you all ... now it´s working (I've restarted the KB several times).

    Maybe I will take a look at the AURA editor (formerly MysteryIsland) as I like to create own patches. And the KB is really a challenge as there are a lot of settings and parameters that's sometimes difficult to edit when using the KB´s knobs and display.