Mod matrix modulation and the Effects Filterbank on the TI

  • Hi,

    Are people able to modulate the Filterbank parameters using the mod matrix on the TI?

    This seems to have no effect.

    I can't even assign these parameters to the soft knobs, unless I do a workaround by assigning Controller (12-16) to one of the parameters, and then assigning that Controller to the soft knob.

    Unfortunately, I can't see it's possible to assign a Controller in a mod matrix destination, so that won't work...



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    Changed the title of the thread from “Matrix Modulation and the Effects Filterbank on the TI” to “Mod matrix modulation and the Effects Filterbank on the TI”.
  • A couple of things are odd with filterbank modulation. Here’s one thread about soft knobs:

    [BUG] Soft Knob destination Filterbank Frequency

    There’s more if you search the forum for „filterbank“.

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  • 1 - Go to OTHERS (FX)/ EDIT (x3) = "Filter Bank"

    2 - Choise your effect (Ring/ FreShift/ Vowel/ Comb/ Poles...) and your parameters

    3 - "SLOT-1" = ModWheel - 52 - "FreqShifter Freq"

    Your Modulation well affect your destination

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