Took apart Virus TI -> Ended up with spare parts -> Where do they go?

  • Ridicule followed by help is welcome. I took apart my Virus TI 2 because something was rattling around in there. Thankfully I put it back together and it works just fine.

    I have taken photos of the two spare parts. They look like metallic brackets for support:

    1) Does anyone know exactly where they belong?

    2) Does anyone have a schematic of the interior of the virus?

    Attached photos of the parts.


    Possibly related: The black keys around the middle of the keyboard now have a clacking sound, as if they are colliding with bare metal on down-press. It does not affect dynamics or after-touch, but it may be related to these pieces? Or it is related to not fully screwing in the screws on the back which secure the key-bed in place. Comment or suggestion on this is welcome, if you may have an idea.

    I've cared for this TI for 8 years now, and it has survived many live performances. So I am not mistreating my prized instrument. However please feel free to shake your head and laugh at this.

  • No ridicule needed! Being conscientious about your gear is a virtue! :saint:

    Just how big are these brackets? How long have you been hearing the rattle? Maybe Access accidently left them in there during assembly. Stranger things have happened! Funny there weren't any loose screws from the brackets rattling around in there too, unless they "escaped". No other brackets mounted in there like those?

    Here's a thought: maybe Access noticed the black key clacking sound after assembly and just grabbed something (the brackets) and just shoved them in there to stop it and then they got loose later on! 8o

    But yes, recheck your reassembly for any screws that didn't seat properly.

    Indeed a weird situation! I wish I could help more. I wonder if Access Support would respond to an email?

    Best of luck!

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  • Just the other day I had to take my RS7000 apart for re-soldering a pod...4 screws left over - I looked for missing screws - didn't find it is working I just left it as it is.

    But two brackets....

    Got this picture from a repair video - the left one looks like the support bracket for the lid - I guess it stops rattling as well :-)


    Check the video - maybe you'll find the other one too.