Midi driver failed...

  • "Midi driver failed
    The Midi driver failed to start or is not installed.
    This can happen if you have connected too many usb devices also try to install the virus ti software again"

    I get this error since cubase 5.5 and the latest virus (beta?) drivers.

    opening virus vst before loading a project works here too.
    i hope access finds a quick fix for that ...


  • i have the same problem :
    virus software suite is installed ,fine
    but after updating OS sometime it takes along to open cubase ,it stood with midi loading message under cubase splash screen....after loading cubase VC and Virus audio interface seems are working but there are no midi input and output message by virus ...so after rebooting pc and turn off-on the virus 3-4 times it will back again to normal ...
    and one other problem is virus as a sound card, when i play mp3 or cd-audio by winamp or media player after a minute they will suddenly stop their playing...

  • What does the error message say?

    "Midi driver failed"...just like what was mentioned in the first post of this topic...

    I heavily doubt 'unfriendly'. Please let us know the ticket number.

    Well,it's a matter of opinion ofcourse...but i think it's pretty 'unfriendly' to not answer me back...and i thought the communication was pretty unpersonal for such a small company...

    Sorry, that is nonsense. Components are updated, but there is no "update limit". In this case, my machine would need to be installed every week. You also shouldn't tinker "deep inside windows". Our machines are all standard installs (for XP: use SP3).

    Sorry,i was mistaken there (long time ago)...i meant that Windows has a limit to the amount of midi registries...do a search for this and you will find that different manufacturers have problems with this...more info about the subject can be found on the sites of Steinberg and RME for example...

    Well, first, you need to let us know the error message you are getting, also, a full spec of your machine would be good (use msinfo32 to gather that). With all that, address support again.


    The error message was clearly stated in the first post of this topic..."midi driver failed This can happen if you have connected too many usb devices Also try to install the virus ti software again"

    But : this problem is known for a long time...even on the unofficial virus forums there were lots of posts about the same problem...check any producer's forum worldwide and you will read about this problem...i know people who even sold their TI because of this...so what's bothering me is that it's mentioned nowhere on the Acces site,not in the FAQ,no tips how to avoid it,no bug report...if it is,or if you can give some tips here,than i will sincerely apologize... ;)

    I tried everything that support told me,and more : tried every usb port on my machine,tried every version of os,tried every way of connecting,disconnecting,booting and resetting....tried cleaning registry entries,tried cleaning every piece of Access related software and so on...tried disconnecting all other usb stuff and moving those around...took me a lot of time and effort,and even support gave up,literally told me that they didn't know what the problem was...i gave them my msinfo file,gave them some info i got from other people (specialists + beforementioned sites),gave them a list of every piece of kit that was hooked up to my PC..

    So,forgive me if i don't wanna go thru all that stuff again...it seems to me that there still is no solution (also judging by new reactions on this topic here) so what's the point in contacting support again and hear from them that they have no solution ? Next to that i gonna buy a new computer system soon,and i hope that the TI will function normally on that one...if not,i'll be contacting support within minutes :D

    For now,the problem just persists : some projects open allright,others don't..and on another day it's completely other projects that open,while others don't...the only thing that seems to work now is the workaround posted by 'erbalist' (thanx for that sir)...which (together with what you say about not thinking about "deep inside windows") tells me that the problem is somewhere inside the software of the TI...

    I was simply hoping that after all this time (and updates) it would have finally been fixed...but apparently it isn't...can you blame me for being a bit pissed about that ? ;)

  • Same problem here with Virus TI Polar
    I use Logic 9 ,everything worked fine till i updated to 4.05
    now the "midi driver failed " error keeps coming again and again..

    any official respose?
    you should name 4.0.5 public beta , if you can't make it work right :S

  • Add me to the list, it's happening once in a while for me too, after turning the Virus off and restarting Cubase it usually starts working again. If i remember correctly it also happened with the 3.x OS.

    It's not that problemtic for me since it's only happening rarely, nonetheless it's annoying, especially when a restart doesn't solve it.

    Cubase 4.5.2 32Bit
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

  • Yep here as well.
    From day one sice I had the Snow it occurs on every single OS update from 3.0 till now.
    Very very annoying, and made me quit many musical sessions out of frustration.

    Bugs are kings in killing your inspiration!

  • I can't get Erbalist's method to work.

    1. Start Cubase, close the welcome screen
    2. Open VST Instruments, add "Virus TI" (tried both the VST2 and VST3 versions... though this project uses VST2), let it start up
    3. Open the project

    No luck. The only workaround is to unplug the synth and do the ARP EDIT fix (what does that do, anyway)? Really annoying, and I'm finally starting to use my virus for entire songs :-(

  • I'm asking a support: Why this happens? When itll fixed?
    Now this has happened repeatedly.

    it eventually happens because the Virus is not being granted enough USB bandwidth. in this case, it is nothing that can be fixed generically. instead you need to consult access support to help you troubleshoot your setup. also reading the Setup Guide might provide valuable insides on how to deal with such an issue. what will change in a future version is the error message. i think it's misleading and needs improvement.

    best, marc