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    No to both, since I have an investment in Virus patches. If it could load Virus patches and sound the same (i.e. pretty-much a clone), I might be interested when my Virus started to keel over.

    I'm not in the market for yet another digital synth at the minute.

    Well, now that Steinberg seems to have gotten Cubase's render-in-place working properly, if this editor does get proper updates, I might consider it. ...especially since they're about to drop a Blofeld editor.

    To be fair, it's much faster and easier for you to temporarily move some files out of the way, into a temporary directory, than it is for me to start hunting for hundreds of libraries to test out the theory. I'd like to help, but I'm not currently experiencing a problem with my system. ...and given the way I work, if the hypothesis is correct, I'm not likely to hit problems as-is.

    There's also the recent mods Apple made to reduce the impact of Meltdown and Spectre. The fixes for those security holes, mean that performing I/O means a performance hit (data moving between kernel and user space is essentially less optimised for throughput). If you have the very latest security updates, that could be contributing to the problems you're seeing.

    I'd say that it's still worth running this past Access via their support system, since there may be something they can do to reduce the amount of I/O at plug-in start-up time. Not that they're doing much work on the Virus system at the minute...

    I know it doesn't really help you, but just in case - I'm on 10.13.2, on a Hexacore 2013 cylinder-style Mac Pro, which uses an SSD formatted as APFS. My external Thunderbolt hard disk is also APFS. Also have a 2011 MacBook Pro, which works fine too (self-installed SSD formatted as APFS).

    This is the most stable my Virus system has ever been.

    In which case, whatever it is, can't be that MacOS version - in the sense that it causes problems on every system.

    There is an obvious difference for me though. I use Cubase and Ableton, not Logic. I wonder if you could try the demo version of Ableton and see if you have the same problem?

    It'll be interesting to see if you can narrow down what's causing your problems.

    Shouldn't be the case for my setup Marc. I'm using a MTT hub (OverHub). That should theoretically make the OS think it's a USB3 device. It's quite difficult to prove though, without an analyser. MacOS System Information does give me a list of the slow devices though. Could be a related effect.

    Reckon I'm going to by another hub anyhow and see if I can split and distribute the bandwidth better.

    Maybe another OverHub?

    So, since 10.13.2 and Cubase 9.5.10, I've started having problems with the Cubase dongle. Anyone else using Cubase?

    If I have the dongle connected to an Elektron Overhub (MTT USB3 hub), Virus TI plug-in won't even start up. The Cubase dongle also has problems being recognised, which wasn't previously an issue.

    So, I've now moved the dongle over to a Thunderbolt to USB adapter, whilst Virus and Elektron AR and AK are connected to Overhub.

    So far, that's looking better. ...but it does bring up the possibility that the Cubase dongle could be interfering with other devices - maybe eating more than its fair share of bandwidth.

    Anyone else seeing similar?

    The new 10.13.2 version changes things again. It has specific changes to "improve" USB audio "compatibility".

    I've had to move my Virus back onto my Sonnet Thunderbolt to USB converter, which is a good thing since I can now get more bandwidth for my Elektron devices on Overbridge.