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    i finally got it!! here's how i did it.

    - osc 1 keep untouched
    - oc 2 bring down 12 semitones
    - add a quarter of vol on sub osc
    - matrix lfo to filter 2 cutoff all the way
    - lfo2 clock rate at 3/32 sine wave, trigger phase 1
    - lfo1 put rate at desired, i have it at 48, turn on envelope mode, bring contour all the way up, use triangle wave, and sync osc1 + 2 and bring pitch almost all the way down.

    now you should have a similar effect where its dropping and also modulating the cut off to add a wobble sound

    How can i make this dirty bass drop on the virus? I've been trying for hours, playing with lfo's, pitch, filter envelope...but no luck!

    It's the first bass sound that hits when the drop comes in.

    at 1:08 - 1:09