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    It's not a Cubase 4 to Cubase 5 issue.
    What I want to do basically is rout an audio track into the Virus TI to use it's FX without pulling out cables. Just through the sequencer.
    When trying to change to the 3 outputs / 1 input mode I get the message that Cubase doesn't support side chaining.
    I'm really starting to regret having Cubase...

    hmm.. so I guess I'll have to say it's EW.

    The reason I upgraded my OS to 64-bit is so I could load more sounds into Play.
    Still it would be a pity to have 8GB of ram and not have 64-bit.

    Would you recommend having dual boot (windows and mac) or should I wait for windows 64-bit support?
    I heard that dual boot can cause problems...

    The new play engine has (probably) the best streaming engine I've seen on the marker. Still it's not as efficient as loading the sounds on to ram.

    Furthermore, I have noticed that a lot of "spectrasonics" instruments need a lot of ram as well. (Stylus, Trilogy and now Omnisphere requires a lot of ram).
    If you compose a complicated track that combines classic with electronic you are going to have to use a 64bit machine. Regardless if you load sounds on to your ram or not.


    Yeah.. Symphonic Orchestra and Pianos are Huge! (especially with 3 microphone positions) O_O


    Enough reasons to get support for windows 64-bit.

    Do you think there will be a different version for Vista and XP or it doesn't matter as long as it's windows?

    Sometimes ti does :)

    I've been to my friend's studio and saw him use VC in a project and ate my heart out.
    Let's say that programming Virus TI Snow from it's little screen is not a walk in the park. hehe ^_^

    Any response from Access regarding windows X64 support?
    Are you guys working on it?

    EASTWEST Baby!
    Their libraries are massive!!

    Apparently Cubase can't take advantage of the ram as well as Logic so... I'm stuck with 64 bit. (until I get a mac pro which will be... in a year or so..).
    till' then, I need 64 bit support.

    And not to come off cheap but, if I install dual boot it will cost me, If I downgrade it will cost me, But if Access creates 64bit support. It's free ^_^

    So... Many reasons to stay with the current version I have.

    In a nutshell, more RAM. (Which you know is essential for music production)

    It doesn't matter now. I have 64-bit. I'm not going to downgrade and... dual boot is just more trouble...


    We need x64 support for Vista and XP!!!!!!

    Don't you think Access wants their products to be compatible with (almost) all computers, all OS's and all DAW's?

    Hey Access team, do you think that support for windows XP and Vista X64 will be available with the release of the official TIOS

    So the Thread is now up with the support for 32 and 64 bit for MacOS 10.6.

    How about support for windows XP 64 bit?

    I think windows XP 64 bit exists a little bit longer than MacOS 10 64 bit.

    Come on!! We really need this!!!!

    People are waiting for that for over a year now!
    Can we get a time frame, progress, something?!
    Even a beta release!

    Before you go on adding support for other DAW's, add the support for 64 bit. It has a bigger demand.