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    Hi all,

    First thanks for any suggestions that were posted.

    After careful testing, contact with Access support, and contact with Apple support I can confirm that there is an issue with High Sierra and the audio dropping out on my system.

    First, there is a known issue with running external monitors in High Sierra and even thought Access support claims that external monitors have no impact on their interface, after numerious testing with my external monitors I have found that the drop outs increase and the sound becomes distorted on occasion. Considering the monitors and the Virus are all on the same bus, something is going on.

    I tried a fresh install and once again after plugging in my external monitors, audio dropped.

    I went back to Sierra and the system has been rock solid. I will stay with Sierra until I hear that Apple has addressed the monitor issue and hopefully that will address the audio droop outs as well. If anyone comes across any issue like this let me know.

    I will update as needed.


    This is so odd. I have Virus Control Working but still get the random audio drop out. FYI all DAW’s aside just playing itunes does it and once agin I never experenced this in Sierra.

    I am in contact with supprt maybe something will come to light soon.


    Hi guys.

    I am having an odd issue after upgrading to High Sierra. After about 10 min or so the audio just drops. I say 10 min or so because it is sort of random but mostly occurs around that time.

    I upgraded the day High Sierra was released and since the Virus was not supported yet I went back to 10.12 and... no drop out.

    Since was released I upgraded to High Sierra again and agin starting experiencing this drop out.

    A little description of what is happening:

    I play audio from any source, iTunes, Safari (youTube), Logic, etc, and the audio just drops after some time. The player is still playing and if it press pause/stop and then play again then the audio starts right back up. If I switch audio devices, the audio is still playing along and comes right back with out ever stopping.

    I did notice that the os does not take full control of the Virus like it did in 10.12.

    I have my setup in the same config so I am baffled and wonder it I am overlooking something.

    Any ideas are welcome and if this is solved I will post details in this post.


    I'm on Win7 64 and am experiencing a lot of crackles in the audio.

    The VC works well and it is def a lot smoother on Win7 64.

    I cannot work with the crackles so I'm going back to 4.05.

    I can deal with sluggish but not noise.


    Are you using a very slow BPM tempo? Because at really low tempos, the "clocked" delay exceeds the maximum length allowed from the OS and gets switched to the more close musically matching tempo, i.e. half of it.


    I am at 128 bpm. If you set the virus to 128 bpm, delay to 1/4 is sounds exactly the same as 1/2... 1/2 should be half the time no? maybe it is just me. give it a try. I'm interested to see if it does the same on another system.


    hi all,

    on my virus if i put a classic delay 1/4 and 1/2 time are the same.

    can anyone reproduce this?

    im using Virus TI Software Installer_v40501_x64.



    Hi all, (or anyone reading this post having this issue),

    There seems to be a conflict on my machine with Flux plugin services and the midi driver.

    I switched the flux services off and the TI is back. Only downside is I cant use the flux plugins with out the services.

    Will post if there are any other solutions,


    matt, get in touch with support - i never heart of that prob

    cheers, marc


    I have been in touch with support, i'm beginning to think it is my machine specific.

    Sucks because i never ran into anything like this before.

    Thanks for your help,


    is a keyboard connected to the virus by midi (in) still working?



    I tried everything, once the midi keyboard drops out non of the midi inputs work.

    Im trying to remember the last thing I installed. Think it was drivers for the Pace key. do you think there could be an issue with another driver.

    Everything was working fine. Then this.

    Thanks Marc


    Hi all,

    I put in a ticket to support, but I was just wondering if anyone has run into this issue. I will also post any results I find so if anyone has the same issue in the future it will be documented here.

    When I load up any of my DAW's the VC works fine, but after a few seconds the midi keyboard stops sending data. This happens with any midi track and not just the VC. The knobs on the VC still work.

    I did find an older post on here that said to reinstall the drivers, that did not work, nor reinstalling the virus software all together.

    win 7 64 bit quad core i7

    fl studio and cubase 4

    Any ideas are welcome.


    hello there,

    just to jump in on this discussion.

    im uning my ti polar on win7 64 bit and for the last few updates the VC has not been behaving well with the ti.

    if i load a patch and play with the filter cutoff using the ti, nice and smooth.

    if i load a patch and play with the filter cutoff using the VC, it is very jumpy and not smooth. Both with using the mouse and cutoff knob.

    i have found a work around for this using automation and a different wrapper, but considering how many users have noted this im sure it is easily reproduced.

    i wish i knew you were down @ the winter music confrence i would have met up with you to show you.

    since this issue was mentioned so many times i figured i would just wait till it was sorted out, since the latest release was a beta.

    any info you need i would be glad to help


    Win7 64 bit.

    Everything working fine.

    Gui missing labels for the distortion knobs.

    Would really like the new arp to matrix to respond to lenght. (and glide would be cool too, as been mentioned above).

    Will keep digging and see if anything comes up.

    No problems loading older projects in FLStudio 9.