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    Could you please give a detailed step-by-step instruction? I've managed to install Win10 on WMware, run Audiorgidder server on Win and a VST on Mac, but still can't make vst communicate with server... Feels like i have to shit on my face to use my TI ;(

    Guys, I haven't read the whole topic, please clarify: does the virus plugin open inside your DAW, so you can edit sounds and patches and send audio to analog outs, or the plugin doesn't open at all, and all that you have is just midi keyboard instead of your virus synth?

    Have just purchased the new 16" macbook with Catalina so reverting to Mojave is not an option, and the plugin says "no virus found". But I still can work on my windows PC, so for the time being I would be satisfied with working via audio outs on my MAC and then rendering the whole thing on my PC via usb audio.

    P.S. I wish luck to Access Music team solving this issue and releasing a working driver, since TI is my favourite synth ever (so far), and the most update software synths such as Serum still haven't got certain features (formant complex oscillators for instance). BUT, guys, it would be awesome if you could update your clients with some information once in a while. Just saying "yes, we're working on it, doing this and that", would be fair to your clients and fans. Thank you.

    Hello everyone! I'm using the TI Polar and Cubase 5 for quite a long time. And some time ago (maybe after some updates of the synth or of the cubase) i've got the following problem.

    As an example i have 2 midi tracks in my sequencer, connected to 2 midi channels of the TI, sound coming out of the 2 usb channels. Track1 plays 1/16 notes of say a bassline, Track2 plays longer notes of say a pad sound. Everything sounds good. I start editing either of tracks and sometimes get the following trouble.

    Track1 with the short notes start sound like 1/64 or 1/128 notes as if i make the midi notes shorter (or drop amp env decay and sustain to lower values?). While visibly i have no difference - amp env setup looks the same and note lengths in midi part stays 1/16. Just a note sounds significantly shorter than it is. Eventhough if i play the synth manually or even click the notes in the midi editor, everything still sounds okay, but if i draw any midi notes and start playback, it sounds wrong.

    I have not yet found any trigger of such an odd behaviour - it happens sometimes, it may not happen for a session, it may not even happen for several days or in different projects i'm working on... The problem goes away if i restart my sequencer or if i load another project and then come back to the previous one (it gives a mixer reset and reloads the VST shell, probably that helps).

    First i've got this trouble on my old machine under Win XP, now i've built completely new one on Win 8 and got the same problem. I've tried to update both Cubase and TI for the latest versions, nothing helped.

    Please help me! This drives me crazy and disturbs the music production process =( :cursing: