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    does it go out of tune by about 1 1/2 notes?

    I will check marc tonight, but judging from the shift of the patch in to complete inharmony relative to other notes, its likely it has shifted by that amount.

    Why do you ask, is there a way of taking the patch back to the correct key? :)

    I will add, its not the whole instrument that goes out of tune. Only a single patch in a single channel. Other channels are fine.

    I have read some of the recent threads and replies about some patches having tuning problems. I have v5 the latest OS. i have just experienced the same. I use it in full USB mode.
    The key completely goes corrupt and always up-scale. The problems have been with Arpeggiated patches. I tried adjusting the tuning of the oscillators but that does not work. I examined modulations to see if VCC had sent down a funny change that made a parameter move without been asked to move. But there seems nothing.

    I have tried to save the patches in VCC and then recall them but the patches get corrupted. Even when recalled to another track.

    Has anybody found a way of reseting the patches so they go back to playing back in the normal key? :wacko:

    Hi All

    i appreciate i probably dont have the most up to date pc around for the ti. but most of the time its ok. i do tend to overload my usb ports a bit. i think buying the tascam was a mistake
    but it was incredible value at the time and it ment all my synths could be wired in straight away. i think the tascam is my problem not the virus for crashing. its just the tascam is so nervous,
    the ti if it gets pushed, causes the tascam to bring the pc down. i am waiting for thunderbolt audio interfaces to come of age before i upgrade my set up.

    it does seem really happy with some patches but older ones i produced on older os's seem to be much more vulnerable to syncing problems.

    the pre-delay in reverb is i find, the main culprit when the virus does not sync up neatly when its asked to start an Arpeggio and some pads. so i switch it off. it muddies up sounds anyway.
    marc, it does do this because when i have switched off the pre-delay in arppeggio patches. scene changes in ableton triggering different parts are much more reliable.
    its when its set to clock times. yes its true the timing data has to get to the vc. i know that. you know what the virus ti should do... work on a statistical basis for its timing not absolute on every transmission.
    ie. if the timing has been repeated for over and over again then corrupted timing transmissions that are far away from the original data that it has been transmitted should be ignored by its os.

    im quite happy with it to be honest. most of the time its ok.

    Dell Vostro Laptop
    Dual core 2 processors
    Tascam US1641 Rack Audio card
    Ableton Live 8.2.8
    Korg M50
    Roland Sh-201 + few other midi synths
    Novation Launchpad
    Ti1 with Belkin express card


    audio crashes
    timing issues using synced delays and Arpeggios


    Initially i found that the wifi card was sending an interupt regularly..... solution.... disabled that in fact i disable everything not for audio.

    usb controller...used pc examining software to plot out what controllers were operating the usb ports... using sisandra software.. and placed the audio card on its own controller
    i use asio4all as this is more stable than the native tascam driver. the virus seems to battles with your audio card profusely.

    i set the audio buffer to 128 or 256, but virus must match this in the virus's driver settings. note the virus will still use these settings, i believe, even if its not the main audio output. i never use the vc in the
    priority setting. thats asking for a guaranteed crash.

    this is the cute stuff..

    synced pre-delays should be avoided if possible. especially the reverb's pre-delay... it can be set to clock timing in vc but this seems to be the source of most hesitating timing problems these days in the latest os's. i have removed it from many patches, even pads, and now the virus is very much happier. the pre-delay should be switched off if not needed. it produces a cleaner mix anyway for my liking. when attempting those lovely rolling pouncing beats ala... van dyk
    in fact i think letting the virus do its timing and setting it the old fashioned way by ear leaves the virus making sound and not being confused.

    well known stuff..
    dont start your track with an Arpeggio. if you have to then bounce it down or run an empty scene in ableton for a few bars.

    make sure you dont have any software that might run in the background. ie. that tries to contact the internet for updates. the vc does this. why????????
    theres loads of these awful software packages that treat us like numbo's. :D

    also..... keep your sample/recording hard drive regularly defragged. the cpu seems to have enough work to do without having to go running around looking for samples.

    stop every known windows service that takes up cpu and does not do audio. make this your goal in life to find out what that lot does.
    go to site... blackviper for info.

    all this sounds very familiar to all ever owned a TI.

    most if not all the problems with arp syncing is at the start up of running the track.
    dont start the tracks on a arp run! the cause must be the way the host software sends out messages
    to vsti's that confuse them. the ti being no different.

    i have cubase and ableton. both have this problem.

    typically it can make the sound go out of tune if you use delays in the patches as synced delays use
    the host tempo sync signal.

    most of the time for me if i keep running tracks the timing is perfect.

    also i would say dont use audio buffer sizes below 128. also, set the virus ti's audio driver to
    higher than normal or normal. highest tends to cause the host software to bump in audio
    as the conflict with the audio card can get a battle.

    another thing with ableton i found is when no virus midi tracks are armed then timing is much
    better. this seems to be the case when the priority is adjusted in the ti audio driver. the highest
    priority makes the timing really go a bit nervous when tracks are armed. this may also be the case in cubase.
    i found this timing nervous nature occur with arming with vsti's such as sylenth. so its vst problem not a ti problem.

    Has anybody tried using a USB3.0 card at the PC and a USB3.0/2.0/1.0 hub sitting on that bus with the TI connected to one of the ports of the hub?

    PC ======= USB3.0 ============ HUB >>>>>>>>>> TI (USB1.1)
    ................................................................ >>>>>>>>>>> Audio (USB 2.0)
    ................................................................ >>>>>>>>>>>Other devices (USB??)

    The theory being that the USB3.0 controller should maintain a faster throughput to your PC if the USB3.0 is shared with other devices. eg. soundcard. This i hope will overcome USB overloading on the motherboard USB controllers in PCs particularly laptops. I see that alot and it results in crashes!

    The hub would have to be port forward detection type that allows the full bandwidth to be realised through each USB connection. (as manufactured by Belkin)

    Access..... any answer?

    one thing i would check is the vca release time in each of the used prorgrams. keep that time as short as possible.

    otherwise yes typically 4 simultaneous parts is only possible.
    but 16 parts can be loaded in to the midi channels no problem. i have version 1.

    use freeze in your daw software if you have to create more parts.

    thanks i was experimenting.

    i see timing and sync has much improved since ableton live 8.2.2 and the last two ti os updates. especially at the start of playback which used to take a few attempts before it settled down.
    now only occasionally i find some arps go off that use swing but i dont use this much anyway.

    i find 'live' mode in vc for live is vital for steady timing.

    also, i found if i set the midi track timing settings in live to a minus value for each part corresponding to the audio in latency time in mSec
    it really works well and stays synced reliably. that is sending the arp parts thru usb and leads/pads through the analog outs.

    Is there anybody else finding that VC is now causing crashes of their PC?

    Since adding the latest OS. It seems that my mk1 TI is a bit over loaded. Using it in midi mode without VC it is more stable.
    I think its time that Access should allow VC to work only in MIDI mode and forget audio. i have never seen any noticible
    difference between sample accuracy and none-sample accuracy. also its apparent that the USB connection
    is getting too overloaded for pc's. its stability in timing is much improved over the last few years. for sure.