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    Awesome! Seems like the dropouts and crackles are connected to the use of my virus as Effects-unit after all. I get error-messages, saying that the virus and logic are out of sync and that i´m supposed to set the buffersize to "small" (which it is already). As soon as i stop using the sc input by setting the input-mode from "static" to "off" it is running smooth again. I upgraded to latest Beta. Doesnt change anything.

    On a sidenote: I bought my virus in 2006 and still love it. I love the fact that it has become better over the years while most of my other equipment got outdated. The support always tried its best, but still..i think in all this time there were probably just 2 years where this thing worked without any workarounds or obstacles. I know its hard to make a complex device work on so many platforms under so many different configurations, but i would love to be able to just switch it on and use the shit out of it without all that hassle i´m experiencing right now...

    Thanks. But i think i was the problem in that case. I tried to send the signal out of my fireface into the input of the virus instead of just sending it via USB. Now i just route the signal to a bus in Logic and feed that bus into the SC- Input of the Virus software. Now i only have to deal with with the crackling sound me wonderful virus provides me with. It newer gets boring using a virus! :D

    Hej there!

    Today i tried to use my Virus TI (V1) as an Effect device. Sadly that didnt work out as expected. I was not able to get the signal through the Virus. I know for a fact that there is a Signal coming from the Cable that is in the Input (L) of the Virus and i know that everything after the Virus is working fine as well.

    My Chain:

    Logic Pro X (10.0.7) -> RME Fireface 400 / Out 6 -> Virus Input ->
    Virus Out 1 L+R ->Strymon Big Sky -> RME Fireface 400 / Input 3+4.

    When i bypass the TI everything is fine. Otherwise i get nothing.

    I set the TI up as i´m supposed to.
    - 3out/1 in
    - Input Section / Static / L
    - Out 1 L+R

    Mac Pro, OSX 10.8.4, Virus TI

    I´m not sure what i´m doing wrong. Its been a while since i used the TI as an Effect Unit, but cant recall having any problems in the past..