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    Funny nobody knows this works... I actually first started having this work w/o using VC but with my mpc 2000xl by just hitting record and clicking thru the clocks by hand(which was annoying). I had sent access an email about 4 months ago about having this feature in VC and they told me it couldnt be done. It wasn't till a few months back that I found this hidden in the vc lfo page and it made my fucking day!

    I really don't understand why this isn't something that is documented...
    I don't understand why it doesn't work for everyone else. I feel like a lucky guy because I really needed it for my dubstep influenced tunes and there it was =)

    Errr it works! wait till i get home from my euro tour and I will show u.
    You know why its works? Because im always using it at home... this is real
    Turn the clock on and add the lfo as a automation parameter.

    Ill make a video when I get home... but thats not gonna be untill the 23rd of novemeber so I suggest while im not there u just right click around the lfo section untill u see that your able to add the lfo rate as a automation parameter(and yes while in clock mode!). Once u add it as an automation parameter go to the bottom of the automation parameter list in ableton because new automation parameters are added to the bottom of the list. Then just mess around the envelopes in ableton and watch the rate change in clock mode.

    Dont give up, click around and u will find.

    You can actually automate lfo's in clock mode in Ableton Live... I do it all the time! Just go to one of the lfo's in VC and right click the image to the left of the clock on/off and add it as a automation parameter!

    Im actually away from my virus at the moment since im touring so Im not totally sure if thats the precise place to right click but if I wasn't correct just click around that part of the lfo page and you will find that it can be automated when u do an alt click!