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    it says it doesnt work but i am not sure if with the camera connection kit and an usb2midi wire it would work..
    Anyone have used ipad and virus ti?

    Lot of synthethizer work with ipad, recently i bought Genome for ipad, to use it as sequencer with camera connector. My surprise is that it doesnt work.
    Why Virus Ti doesnt work with Ipad? TI meant Total Integration right? Cheap syntethizer work fine with Ipad.

    My knob's sequencer change a lot of things in virus ti snow. I just only want Virus TI SNow recieve only the notes.
    How can i make Virus ti sonow recieve only the notes and dont take any other midi parameter?

    sequencer--------notes,pitch,volumen,etc...----->virus ti snow-->notes--->Sound...

    In other words, how can virus ti snow discard all midi parameter but the notes?

    Ok thanks 3 parts + one for atomizer
    I have one doubt more.
    In that part, reserved for atomizer, how do i make that the part doesn't sounds any note. I dont want any patch in that part, only effects and atomizer. Is there any silence or null patch?

    In this video atomizer is controlled by other keyboard.
    How can it be done while 4 parts are being controlled with 4 differents parts(4 midi chanels)?
    Can be atomizer set up to that?

    Hi, i want to buy a TI Snow but i need to know one thing.

    In multimode i can play 4 parts from 4 midi diferent channels, for example ch 1,2,3,4. I want to know if i can use atomizer while these 4 parts are playing and assign to it another midi channel, for example ch 5 to play with the keys.