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    for anyone interested on reading i finally solved my issue, i contacted access and they replied really fast, they insisted the problem was with the patches folder itself so i dig deeper and i verified and discovered some interesting things,

    keep you patches folder under 10mb(removing factory banks does not count)

    reducing your patches size folder loads vst faster

    virus ti does not play well with old virus c etc banks

    virus ti does not like duplicate banks or weird names symbols etc.

    the above will result in a more stable browsing, for anyone using the category or the search function.

    in case you want to reset the patches delete programdata/accessmusic/virusti/cache/remotesets file.

    if in case you still use the vst2 disable asio guard from vst menu.

    Thanks to everyone for replying.

    this means that my new os is in a new m2, instead of a ssd i use to have with win7. The log says that virus vst can not find the specific path file (bank) different path bank every time. if i remove my banks everything is fine but i have these banks so many years and they never caused problems, there is your comment above how huge the bank folder can be thought the years. cheers!

    glad you figured it out, but i can see that it does not stop you from commenting false info on other peoples posts, who said anything about connecting m2 to hddz? are you high or something and since you clearly have nothing to do with your life you want to start a dispute with me? your motherboard chipset is responsible for all devices bandwidth and you should really do your research. anyway i might try your solution and i have tried several versions of cubase. p.s. i know how to analyze logs, this is where my theory is based.

    windows 10 is the worst operating system i ever used in my life, so many bugs! i will not debate it, after 20 years of experience on building audio pcs i have my preferences, anyway not sure were the problem is since ONLY the operating system has changed, same cubase, same hardware, yes disabling overclock profiles in bios and power management, dcp, etc etc etc helped a lot with dropouts and disconnects between cubase and virus but the problem with the patches is stil there. since the hdd is a m2 i suspect that there is some syncing issue between the drive and virus usb.(probably caused by the chipset) i get the same error if i delete the whole folder with the patches so my theory is that for an instant virus vst cannot read the hdd. if access was a company that cares for their customers they would spend some time upgrading their vst on a hardware we spend a fortune to purchase.

    error.JPGSo i have been using my Ti Polar for over 10 years now, i have a really big Patches folder (30mb) since all these years we exchange patches with friends and co workers, I decided to migrate my system from 7 to win 10 about a month ago and setting up my Virus has never been so difficult. So i simply copied my patches folder to win 10 folder like i always did (without replacing the new files created by installer) and the problems stated, Cubase is keep crashing if i try to browse my patches through CATEGORY or use the SEARCH function. If you want to replicate the error i am getting you can simply remove the patches folder from access folder in ''mydocuments'' and try to load virus vst (3 or 2 doesn't matter). If i remove all patches and leave a few of them it works fine, and also the loading time to open the vst is reduced to half. I really never had a similar problem and this is probably the 6pc i am using my virus with. off course it is a high end audio workstation pc with m2 and everything works perfect, except Virus. I have been trying to solve the problem for a week now so any suggestions would be appreciated.