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    No, it's not. The Kemper site was advertising the same listing and has been taken down there and replaced by a different listing. They just didn't update the Access site.

    Wrong page, they posted this link on facebook:…XMwCoYb8#a-job-software-2

    And to clarify, it was the same listing back in September on the Kemper amps site as the one you posted just now from the Access site which hasn't been updated in eons..

    Could you as a developer (Access) have foreseen this in the past? Not really. Now the task at hand to make it compatible with the ARM architecture makes it even more complicated than it was before and boy it would mean a full code overhaul. So I'll go on a limb here and guess that Apple knew what was coming and correctly scheduled it on their last intel branch models and quote 'security' as their main reason, taking away scrutiny from the M1 that would have caused the same issues and even on a lower architectural level.

    As for my previous statement about Access not being at fault for Integration part, I stand by it. Also they do their due diligence by making sure the information is available on their site and forum that Mac currently has issues. The one part where I do agree with you, is that their transparency in regards to the future and a possible resolve, are sub-par.

    I work for a developer/electronics manufacturer which uses both iOS and MacOS so I have background knowledge of how this works. Apple does release confidential memos notifying developers of upcoming changes in each OS version when they start to appear beta builds for SDK holders. These changes are known well enough in advance so that developers can make necessary changes to maintain compatibility. So that part of your argument is invalid.

    Also, I am acquainted with Sean Costello who is the driving force behind Valhalla DSP. He recently posted that it took him a day to re-code one of his plugins for the new M1 platform - He's also released M1 compatible builds of his commercial plugs for the new platform as well within a month of the new platform becoming fully available. So this is not the massive code overhaul you are describing, even with the simplistic GUIs he is using in his products.

    So from my perspective based on my knowledge of how these situations work, Access/Kemper and Ploytec had MONTHS of advance knowledge of these forthcoming changes with Catalina. The problem I often find is that many developers either wait until the last minute to get their code compatible with new OS releases or don't do it until the new OS version is already released to the Public. Ploytec updated the drivers and passed them on within a reasonable amount of time so the fault for this lapse lies squarely with Access/Kemper.

    I'm not sure who that comment was directed at "it's more than just some settings". Absolutely it's Apple who have made significant architectural changes - firstly the move to only supporting 64-bit (which is what this thread is about really) - and then the move to user-mode drivers going forward.

    However Access have been completely non-comital around whether they are going to update their Mac software or not. That's unacceptable. Some of us would quite happily pay for them to work on an update.

    Also I strongly disagree with your comment around the buyers of a new TI hardware being at fault and negligent if they don't research Mac compatibility. Access should be actively highlighting the Mac compatibility issue. If they aren't then it's Access that is negligent and at fault.

    +1. I bought a new Darkstar last year thinking they would eventually sort this mess out.

    The best solution would be a class compliant MIDI over USB only USB with a plug-in and new librarian app really. This would make the TI series future-proof

    Post 159-ish in here:…-macos-big-sur/140193/176"The solution includes a brand new driver that moves away from kernel extensions which were deprecated with Mac OS Big Sur. Our new driver is made with modern technologies and makes development easier which in turn helps us to deliver a solution of higher quality."

    Seeing as they were using the same driver as Access perhaps Access can license that code from them for the same compatibility.

    Definitely backward compatibility is not Apple's approach - but I do think they are constantly aggressively modernising because they think it's the right thing to do. From an IT perspective - it's simpler and better (from a security perspective and more) to remove historical baggage (painful as it is to users).

    We'll have to agree to disagree on this point, I work in IT myself and while I am aware it's simpler to remove historical code I don't believe it's better from a sustainability/ethical standpoint.

    Sorry - I don't for a minute believe Apple would remove the ability to support audio hardware via custom drivers. It's just it's a big step change for the vendors. And this isn't my area - but I am a software engineer - so I can research further.

    This is the company that dropped Firewire which was a widely adopted standard in the audio industry with no prior warning.

    This is the company that introduced a security chip which completely screwed up USB audio drivers for an extended period of time.

    Apple has shown time and time again that they don't care about backwards compatibility or about being helpful towards existing users. They just charge forth and drop new tech and updates without giving a sh*t about the impact these changes will have.

    This an issue with Local control. Both of my TI units do this. Go to the config mode and look for Local Control and turn it on, problem solved.

    Note: You'll have to do this every time you start up your TI.

    Looks like Kemper and Co can't get their sh*t together to even give us a basic update. It's been almost two years since the last firmware update. Since then 2 new versions of MacOs have been released and Apple is currently making a major hardware platform shift. And yet, somehow we still have no update.

    This is RIDICULOUS.

    For YEARS, forum users here have been requesting a future proof MIDI over USB only version of the Virus Control VST/AU plugin and Access/Kemper have steadfastly REFUSED to do so over and over again. Meanwhile, they've left their Synth line in the dust in favor of their Amp line.

    Access - MAKE this right and make it right NOW!!!!!!!!

    I've recently bought a new Darkstar as part of my mobile rig so my ageing 2005 Polar can be retired from travel and gigging work next year. I've done this in spite of any updates on Access' front as the Virus has been a core component of my sound for a decade now. I seriously hope they will get their act together and fix this soon.