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    The legendery ikia jerker, perfect studio furniture, shame it's discontinued. Even the printer stand is perfect to sit 19" modules init, Very rare now. I love how I can swivle the monitor speakers in for an up close and personal mix, then swivle them out for a sit back, few of us working on a track.

    LOVE the jerker - i have one too and it is (was) indeed the perfect studio furniture. highly customizable and cheap. rest in peace.

    pix of my old studio:…key=Gv1sRgCK-wquuAhdScggE

    i've recently moved and am setting up again, on a more permanent basis. i'll be receiving studio foam in the mail any day now, and will probably buy the blacklights this weekend. weeeeee. i'll post pix once everything is set up.

    - custom-built computer (thank you, newegg)
    - virus TI (now in the place of the kawai seen in the pix above)
    - novation nova
    - red sound dark star v2
    - digitech metal machine (early guitar amp simulator - hair-metal-in-a-box)
    - alesis midiverb 2 (not used anymore)
    - novation bassstation (real analog!)
    - behringer mdx2200 composer pro compressor
    - e-mu audity 2000
    - dbx project1 296 spectral enhancer
    - lexicon mpx-100
    - e-mu morpheus
    - m-audio studiophile BX5 monitors
    - jackson & schecter guitars, marshall valvestate amp, a bunch of pedals blah blah blah.