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    "A phrase recorder"

    A phrase recorder like the alesis micron and/or akai miniak will be a great thing for the virus!
    You can create a simple phrase in seconds, save and play transposing in the key you want... excellent for bass lines for example.

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    Hi shiek,
    before thinking of a power supply problem have you tried with a system reset procedure?

    I owned a KB for many years (before go on a TI2 desktop) and I remember that one time I do that.

    To perform the reset you must press and hold down both LFO shape buttons while powering the Virus.
    After a while on the display will appear (I hope.... ;) ) "Initializing Edit buffers"


    On my Virus TI2 desktop (OS:, controlled by different external keyboards, the pitch bending still function correctly!

    Please let us know what it's the machine you are using (TI, TI2, Keyboard, desktop,.......) and the OS version mounted on it.


    Problem solved!

    Below I enclose three photos of the modification on the panel board of the Virus TI2.

    Performing this modification will VOID THE WARRANTY OF YOUR INSTRUMENT!
    Furthermore, it must be performed by experienced personnel who know the technologies and electronic processing.
    You must also be aware that if you make the modification incorrectly you can compromise the use of your instrument.
    I will not be responsible for damages to persons or things arising from the application of these guidelines.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Panel board Led zone before the modification
    [Blocked Image:]

    Desoldering and replacing resistors 330 Ohm
    [Blocked Image:]
    Note: remeber to remove the button caps ENV MODE and SHAPE before operate with the low power solder

    Panel board Led zone after the modification
    [Blocked Image:]

    That's it!

    Have a nice weekend. :)

    Dear Marc,
    like I said in my first post


    They said me to apply the Led Hotfix patch (2010-03v2) to solve the issue.
    I did it but the problem is not solved.

    The strange thing is that if I am now trying to re-Hotfix patch of LEDs, not finding my Virus.! ?(
    If I launch the VC, then my Virus connects with my computer normally.

    However, last night I've opened my Virus and I decided to change the connection of two 330 Ohm resistors that connect the two LEDs on the panel board concerned.

    I could also reverse the two pins 6 and 8 of the Hex-Inverter 74F04 on the mother-board, but surely the exchange of the two resistors is less invasive.


    Hi Marc,
    like I said to the support guy (Jorg), I've bought the desktop TI2 (like a second hand) two weeks ago.

    When you say "we've shipped a couple of boards which had the LFO LEDs crosswired" it means that the problem
    it's a PCB issue and the fixing can be made phisically swapping the two LEDs anode connection?
    If it's only this, for me it's not a problem at all; I'm an electronic technician and I repair synthesizers (vintage and not) every day.

    But if the problem it's software and must be addressed with a modified flag value or similar, I want to know it.

    Thank you.


    if you use a different hotfix to the one we have sent you, you will act at your own risk and eventually void warranty. if the hotfix does not work for you as expected, please discuss this with access support.

    Hello Marc,
    I have the same LFOs Led Swapping problem of other users on this topic.

    I have contacted the Access support and exposed my problem.
    They said me to apply the Led Hotfix patch (2010-03v2) to solve the issue.
    I did it but the problem is not solved.
    I contacted the support area but this time I have not had any response or indication.
    The "funny thing" is that now the Hotfix patch no longer appears in the download section! ?(

    But is it really so difficult to explain that you are trying to solve the problem or that the problem will be resolved with the official version of OS5 and then give an answer to a user who asks a question?

    Thank you.