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    Hi guys, Im desperately looking for Virus TI rackears. Ive bought my TI in UK retailer a few years ago, but original package doesnt incluide rackears. Ive bought rack stand and i want to put all my hardware devices right there. Is here someone who has that rackears and dont use them ? I ll buy them from you. I already spoke with access suport and they havent got this part available, cuz its disscontinued. Ive tried Ebay but no luck. Can someone help me with it ?

    Thank You very much

    Ronny K.

    Hi guys, ive used 32bit access suite v4 on my xp32 system with Ableton Live 8.1.1. Then i changed OS on my studio pc on Win7 64bit and tried install 64bit access suite v4. When ableton tried access to this vsti, some error occured and i saw warning message (something like this = Virus drivers arent compatible with this version of TI Control). I tried uninstall it and reinstal again, but with same result. I downloaded latest 32 and 64bit suite from accessmusic web.

    In xp32 everything is correct, problem is only with 64bit W7 and 64bit access virus suite v4 and Ableton Live 8.1.1. Is that suite tested and working ?