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    I have had my TI for a year & a half & have tried EVERY RTAS version available...they all suck. Sync/ latency/stability issues...theyre all there. I too now just use midi leads & analog outs, its much less frustrating that way although not very totally integrated. If I need the VC I use the VST version in Live which performs much better. I can live without more distortion & about a stable, usable RTAS version Access?

    Hi Berni
    Very beautiful Studio
    Could you list the name of your speaker monitors?
    Also the list the keyboard & hardware if any.... :)

    Sure no problem....
    Mackie HR824's
    M-Audio studiopro 3's (so I can hear what my mix sounds like on a crappy set up. ; )
    B&W subwoofer (so I can hear what my mix sounds like on a club system)

    Akai S5000 sampler
    Akai MPD24
    Digidesign 002
    Access Virus TI Desktop
    Rane SM 82 stereo mixer
    3xETA systems power conditioners
    NI Kore
    M-Audio keystation
    2xTechnics SL1200's
    2xDenon DN-S3500's
    Denon DN-X300 mixer

    Powermac G5 Dual 2ghz
    2xApple displays
    NI Komplete
    Pro Tools 8 & 7.4 (cos 8 still sucks ATM)
    Live 8
    2 many plug ins to list

    Kenmore beer fridge
    Large collection of vintage malts
    Big blue bong & lava lamp (cant call it a proper studio without these essentials ; )

    I have just signed my latest track 'Gonna make you feel it' to Bonzai records, there is a short demo of it on MySpace profile.

    I used the Virus for all the bass & leads. Other stuff I used on the track,

    Pro tools 8
    Battery 3
    Stylus RMX
    Kontakt 3
    Lots of FX, white noise & sub bass ; )

    Anyone up for remixing it email me with a link to some of your music. The track is 8 & a half minutes long. The demo begins halfway through at the drop down. Let me know what you think.

    P.S. I'm gonna post this on infekted & a few other forums also, so my apologies if you have to read it twice.

    I agree, there claim for RTAS support is a joke...its totally unusable & I would not recommend buying this synth to anyone who uses pro tools...unless of course you like banging your head against the studio wall ; ( The only way I can get reliable results is to not use VC at all & use midi cables...unbelievable I have to rely on technology that is decades old. Wheres the total integration? I'm not feeling it. Access get your act together...its long overdue.

    Firstly let me say the RTAS version of VC sucks...wait till you try & get the arps to sync to tempo & you will see what I mean. However I'm a little confused about what it is you are trying to do. If you are using VC then the audio comes from the USB not the outputs. You would use these if you have it hooked up the old fashioned way with midi in/outs etc. like I have & take VC out of the picture. You should either use the VC/USB or Midi in/outs & the regular outputs going to your pro tools interface.

    Nice track man,

    Some very cool ideas. A little more work on the production/mixing as others have said. Personnaly I stay away from mastering studio's due to very expensive or disappointing results. I have found that the DIY approach works best for me. You can hear some of my stuff on myspace,

    Keep at're getting there ; )


    OK, well everyone has had there say (apart from access) & I'm sure there is NO setting that can cure the problem otherwise you or access would be able to tell us about it. I reported this problem to access support over a year ago & have still not had an answer. At this point I'm convinced it's a hardware issue with the TI that is not fixable. If I'm wrong lets hear a solution access...

    Yeah thats how I have it set up but no cigar ; ( I listened to the mp3's you posted & even the second one does'nt sound right to me. You might also have let it go on a little longer than a couple of seconds, even my arps will stay in sync for a few bars but inevitably notes will be played that are out of sync. I don't know if any of the other posters to this thread who are having the same problems as me have come up with a solution but it will be interesting to see if Access come forward with one...nothing so far.


    Yes with the midi beat clock enabled it is a mess BUT even when you turn it off the arps still jump out of sync randomly. I'm sure if you listen carefully you WILL hear it unless you have a hearing problem. If you, access or anyone else on this forum can tell me exactly how to configure my pro tools system so that the arps are consistently in sync I'm all ears because I have tried just about every imaginable scenario without any luck. At the risk of repeating myself I can run the VST version of VC on the same computer/synth without any sync issues so either I dont have pro tools set up properly or the RTAS version of VC has serious sync issues. I have been using pro tools for 8 years & run hundreds of plug-ins...Virus Control is the ONLY one that has these issues...go figure.

    I asked marc from access to confirm or deny this problem months ago & got no reply...which kinda confirms that it does exist. The question is why is it taking sooooooo long to fix or indeed are they doing anything about it at all. As you said in your original post, it is a fundamental flaw with the synth & you would think it would be a top priority fix...I can only guess its not fixable & is probably a hardware issue : (

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure its an LE problem. I can run the VST version in Ableton Live on the same set up with no problems, the only difference is my 002 firewire interface has to come into play for PT to work so this should not be an issue. Glad you took the time to send access a session but dont hold your breath waiting for a's been over a year since I first contacted them about this problem & have totally lost patience with there lame excuses.

    Yes can Access PLEASE address this has persisted with every OS release with nothing whatsoever being done about it & to be honest its a joke that they are releasing 64 bit compatibility & the fricken arps do not sync to the session tempo in PT. I have told access support how to recreate it more than once...nothing. I have gone on & on about it on the unofficial If you want your arps to sync forget VC, you have to use the audio outs & a midi lead & dont forget to allow for latency : (