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    Why does the virus have such a loud noise when nothing is playing?

    I am using usb but the audio outs.

    Its getting really annoying because I have to gate everything. Very annoying when wanting to use soft textures.

    using logic pro 9 and saffire 56 soundcard.

    okay, i've debated a long while with myself if i want to comment on this thread so, before you jump on what i'll say, consider that is my personal opinion and not necessarily a company statement.
    to me, the quality of a bass sound is defined by the attack phase and the overtone structure of the sound. lets not talk about synth for a second but about an electric bass. when the plectrum hits the string, a bright attack with a lot of overtones which decay fairly fast is issued. if you hit the strings hard enough, you will hear the overtones much longer which help the sound to be audible on smaller speakers. the fundamental notes of a bass are to deep for smaller speaker setups and that's why you need the overtones in order to hear the bass cut through the mix.
    now when you take a synth, the envelop attack time is important because that defines the punch a sound has. and of course the filter which allows you to hear more or less "overtones". i always found the waveform itself to be not very important. of course it defines how the bass sounds but the "quality" is of second nature. if you battle with "fat" (whatever this means, since it is so overused): fat goes along with space to breath. as for the bottom end: the waveform doesn't make or break it either.
    i believe that the virus features great filters and very fast envelops. i can make any synthetic bass sound i need with it. i cannot imitate another synth in every detail but that's what you get when you don't aim for a clone of a vintage synth but an instrument which attempts to have its own soul.
    best, marc
    ps. there is a reason why there are virus presets in a state of the art bass library such as spectrasonic's trillian.

    good post marc!

    NO , YOU don't know how to make it sound FAT !!!!! and i think you never will ... :whistling:

    And anyway Chris, i would gladly challenge you to a 'sound off'! I bet your idea of fat is a saw wave with a bit of distortion. put your money where your mouth is.

    NO , YOU don't know how to make it sound FAT !!!!! and i think you never will ... :whistling:

    well if you compare a sine wave sub from the arturia minimoog to a sine wave sub from the virus, the virus does sound thinner. now i dont want to get all anal and talk about oscilloscopes etc im just going by what my ears tell me. Yes i can produce some great sounds on the virus, but all im saying is that it seems pretty thin on the bottom end. Both are in the digital domain so anyone talking about legendary analogue vs digital is talking frog pooh. theyre both digital!

    and why on earth can i not automate any of the f***ing knobs in usb mode in cubase 5? Jesus f***cking christ. Lord have mercy.

    Is it just me or do all the arturia synths sound fatter than the Virus TI?

    To be honest im pretty dissapointed with the bottom end on the virus ti. I used to have a virus b and that was amazing in the low end of the spectrum. But now when i write stuff and i use something like minimoog, it just sh**s all over the virus for low end.

    i would be interested to know what everyone else thinks. I may just sell my virus and get a nord lead. cant afford a minimoog. I feel a bit cheated with the whole TI thing. its pants really. I cant even automate what im doing on the seerate midi channels. So that is pants really. Why bother!

    Thanks for your reply jorg,

    i saved my ram banks a and b. I dont know how i did it but i managed to get bank a on to the TI. However it has overwritten the ram a sounds on the ti. When i did it on a mac In was able to access my archived sounds in a seperate bank. Anyway, looks like i will have to get another mac.

    thanks again for your reply. it was helpful.

    Does anyone know why i cannot automate the parameters on the Virus TI?

    - I have tried to record them in manually
    - I have tried to assign the parameters in Virus Control

    My Virus is connected Via USB

    Please help, this is annoying