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    My Virus TI2 Desktop is really playing up. Works fine in stand alone, but just does not seem to like working via USB/Virus control in logic anymore.Where to start?

    If i can even get it to make a sound in Logic (this normally takes many many attempts, switching back on and off, quitting Logic, resetting virus etc, restarting computer), it becomes completely unresponsive within less than a minute of playback and tends to just sustain a note - resulting in me either quitting logic or turning off the Virus. I'll reload then it won't work at all and i'll have to keep trying again to get it to work as above.

    I'm running Mac Pro (Early 2008) - 10.11.06 and using Logic Pro X and using a NI Komplete Kontrol keyboard. The virus is updated to

    I've had the Virus from new (10+ years) and although getting it to initially start and work in Logic has often been an issue, it is now completely unusable (via USB) as it stands.

    I'm wondering whether the Keyboard might be causing the issues? Drivers/conflicts etc?

    Any ideas? (p.s. i have just replaced the USB lead - making no difference).

    Kind regards - Matt

    Well the most common problem happens when loading up/resuming previous projects, quite frequently i'll load a song up and the Virus software loads and virus configures etc but there simply won't be any sound at all. I then have to go through the practice of turning it off/coming out of logic, restarting etc etc. Finally there may be sound, but its quite a slog! When i use it to record audio only its always solid though and of course sounds great! Its just this issue that frustrate me!

    I literally cannot stand the bugginess of this synth via USB. I would possibly put it as being the buggiest/most unreliable piece of electronic equipment i have ever owned!

    Think i'll consider bouncing down any audio (if this piece off shite will let me that is) and sell it!

    Well, i think the subject says it all. I'm fed up with trying to bounce projects with Virus TI2 songs millions of times with the hope that one of them doesn't have some kind of stupid glitch or slow down! At the moment i get all the way through the song then at the end with just 1 synth sound running (that has otherwise been perfectly fine throughout the first 3 mins) decides to change tempo and lag. Cant get around this unless i bounce the song in 2 halfs.

    I don't think the lack of processing power is acceptable to be honest with the cost of this.

    Haven't posted any new tracks up for ages but i think i made a right goodie yesterday so thought id see what people thought!

    Please have a listen and let me know what you think - feedback on structure and the mix really appreciated! Quite a long song but gets big, try and stick with it if you can! :)



    Please have a listen to my track below - ideally looking for a bit of feedback. I recently had a go at re-mixing this and think my changes are for the better, but would definitely like to know what others think - improvements/recommendations etc.

    Hope you enjoy



    Thanks John, Would i hear the Gary Newman lead on the Exposure album?

    Really pleased to say that earlier I received a phone call from Ollie Winiberg-Betell who presents the BBC Introducing show! He's going to be playing this song this Saturday from 8pm.

    Well Chuffed is an understatement! I cant wait!

    The station is 95.3FM Please tune in if you can!


    Following from my previous post, i think I've finished mixing my new song "Blamster" (only name i could think of ;))

    I would really appreciate some feedback so i can see if I'm on the right track with my mixing. I suppose the question is, was it worth the time and trouble if it sounded ok in the fist place?

    The mixed track is:

    The unmixed track is:



    Feelin happy with this tune I made up today! Not mixed or anthing but wanted to put feelers out to see what people thought? I think it could be a bit of a stomper when finished! Still looking to do this live if any muso's in the Colchester area interested?