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    You are one of the first people I ever see preferring endless rotary encoders to knobs :)

    The fact is that if you change a patch absolute pots are never in place... this is especially annoying with the three performance value knobs.

    Because some sections on the virus front panel like oscillator and filters have "pages" the absolute pots are never in place even during editing via the "great" analogue imitating hardware control surface...

    I personally end up with thinking a plain TI module without any operation surface just controlled by the TI software would be sufficient for most people - at least I prefer using the TI control software whenever possible... and the absolute pots are definitely one point reducing the fun twiddling knobs a lot...

    The only solution I see is endless knobs with led rings - at least for the 3 performance value knobs - which would make the unit arrive in 21th century...


    I agree, I would like to see that too.
    I also think a DSP load meter would be really helpful... I requested this for quite a while without any official comment.
    With OS 3.3 on a TI-1 Rackmodule I hardly get 40 voices with a simple "InitVoice" patch... not to mention even less with more "complex" patches... :(

    ...hope Access listens.

    There is hardly any patch using just the theoretical "one voice processing power" and calculating the need manually from polyphony need, patch effort factor (the bar in the TI display) and unison is really a wicked procedure... :evil:

    I guess it would be much simpler having a real load peak indicator in TI Control and the TI's display.
    There are too many factors to take into consideration to make a load guess in advance...

    Each sound patch has a 5 step load factor displayed in the Virus display only - not in TI control plugin.
    Then there is the unison to take into calculations
    Finally there are things like effects and load by using the audio interface I guess.

    So how I can find the real load? I'm not unhappy I just want to know how many notes I can expect...

    Just an example:
    Ch1: "ExpenseHS", factor "4" unison "twin", keynode "poly"
    Ch2: "VanOrchBC", factor "2", unison "off", keymode "poly"
    Ch3: "BigPh@rma", factor "5", unioson "twin", keymode "mono 1", arpeggiated
    Ch4: "Fltopia3MS", factor "3", unison "4", keymode "mono1", arpeggiated

    Control keyboard setup split, ch1+2 right, ch3+4 left
    Playing use: 1 note left, 4 notes right (taking into consideration the release of the poly sounds here the value can double)

    So now how to calculate the load of this setup? Something like this...?
    <4x2x4> + <2x1x4> + <5x2x1> + <3x4x1>
    32 + 8 + 10 + 12 = 62... ok?
    with sustaining cord:
    <4x2x8> + <2x1x8> + <5x2x1> + <3x4x1>
    64 + 16 +10 + 12 = 102... overload?

    it's some effort to always keep these calculations in mind... I'd really appreciate a display to control this more intuitively...
    ..there is hardly any patch taking just one voice processing power... which distorts polyphony expectations quite a lot.

    Usually my TI is in sleep mode when I power it and then I have to press the transpose (power on) buttons to boot it up.
    Is there an option to make the TI start instantly with powering it up? :sleeping:

    ...the arrow keys should work... if the host app is giving input focus to the plugin window.
    I am mostly using the TI VSTi in "Cantabile" - a vst live host - and while the arrow keys work fine on the TI plugin in a separate VSTi window it does not in the rack integrated pane.

    I also think the new skin ithat comes with OS 3 is better to work with.
    However the small fonts used in both versions is hard to read especially on modern flat panels with higher pixel density - it's simply very small.

    The HW aspect of TI is essential IMHO - otherwise we really could think of using a TI SW plugin...

    The many knobs look appealing but because you still have page assignments to knob sections catching up values with absolute pots is annoying. I would highly appreciate if the next TI comes with incremental encoders - eliminating the value catch up problem. LED rings would be great, so I know that's a cost factor.

    Please add isernet - don't just upgrade to usb2 or firewire as interface.

    Finally, what about a less expensive TI pc card or an external TI box with even less controls than the snow but more processing power?


    the usb problem:
    - would be just moved to other midi / audio gear with the same problems if these are usb

    the portability /powerbrick problem,
    - do you prefer carrying a second laptop?

    the latency problem,
    - do you need better than 128samples buffer? ...than it will be difficult with any PC solutions- I've tried running my TI on 49 samples over USB, this works too, just the PC suffers form heavy load... hardly allowing to run any other plugins additionally.

    the multitimberal automation problem,
    - does midi control not work individually on 16 channels?

    the limited bus problem
    - well, any HW has any limitation - a plugin does not solve that, again just moved to other HW

    the freeze tracks and offline render problem,
    - freeze is just an invention for the sake of lacking processing power in PC's... I doubt i7 will offer the magnitudes of processing power needed for that and let's say just 200% will not really be enough to overcome this IMHO

    - true, offline rendering is a problem with HW gear, but which other HW synth can do this?

    Don't misunderstand my comments - I just conclude you might trade in one problem for the next...

    One thing I miss since I own my TI is a realtime processing load display - either on the TI itself and in the TI plugin. ;(

    I know there is a patch complexity indicator but this is just a rough hint on what might happen... some peak info about the real load would be much more useable.. :whistling:

    ...true - just right click the section tab on top of an element you want to lock and choose option from context menu... :D

    ...there was a feature in OS2 to lock certain areas of a patch... just can't find it right now in OS3... but this allowed to lock the arp, then select any other patches while the arp remains the same. When you've found the combination you like - store this as new patch. With this you also could save "arp prototype" patches.

    When playing the TI via my live host latency is better with "LIVE" option always set.
    What I do is sending midi to the TI plugin - getting the audio back into my host, process it there and send it back again to the TI for audio output. This works fairly well with the rapid audio setting but it's better with live on.
    Sample accurate precision and sync is not too important for this type of use.

    BTW, I hope the next TI comes with isernet, not usb or firewire... ;)

    How much does OS 3.3 affect polyphony in a Virus 1?
    I'm using all the TI features, midi, audio interface and synth.
    I hardly get more than 40 voices out of the box - even with the "Init" patch, no really demanding stuff like unison xx patches...